Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pure fun, that's the best way to sum it up.

I was going to attempt to do this in one post but I have changed my mind! My oldest nephew Brayden was baptized on July 11 so we hopped in the van and took a little drive to show our support and to do some much needed visiting with his parents and siblings. We had a blast.
Water fountains, there will be more of these in the next post, or maybe the one after that. Becca's was one of the best though, can you see that she has 3 streams going?

We went to the Oquirr Mountain Temple open house and only lost Ben 3 times and a few of the other kids a few times. I guess if you can't really keep track of your kids the temple is the best place to lose them.
The big boys
It was really nice to be able to take the kids to see the inside of another temple. The last one they were able to see was Sacramento.

These poor kids got so sick of me taking all these pictures, but I couldn't pass up the beautiful background at the temple.

My sweet boys in front of the beautiful landscaping at the Salt Lake Temple.

Becca and I, we had some fun taking really bad pictures.

Kolby really knows how to babysit.

By the time the kids were done here I am certain that Peyton gave each and every baby there some love and attention. This girl really loves the babies.

I guess Kolby gets his baby skills from his dad. This folks, is why Mamas are the nurturers.
These boys would just not be serious long enough to get a normal picture. That's ok though, they had so much fun together.
It was so cute, all of the cousins played together in the nursery, they were filling out birth certificates and doctoring babies. They were lost in their own little imaginative world.
What an amazing view from the Conference center roof.
Boys, what more can I say? I'm not sure Brayden is very used to the way brothers are, so rough. He was a good sport and I think he and Kolby will have lots of fun together.
Boys, what more can I say?! They were fun to watch, they always do a little reverting back to childhood when they are together.
Can you believe all these kids are from just 2 moms? Now those are what you'd call stairsteps!
Uncle LeGrand's seminary classroom and a few new students.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Phew, deep breath and some girls camp tid bits

Well, between girl's camp, our trip to Utah and a quick Pismo Beach trip, I haven't been home in the last few weeks. The amount of tidying, cleaning, laundry, and catch up on blogging is overwhelming, so today, my first day back at home I didn't do any of that! Instead I played catch up with my friend Yolawnda! I have not read any blogs and I have so much to post that I'm sure it will take tons of time. I hope you are all having as much fun this summer as I am and I'm looking forward to reading about it.

Girls camp was an absolute blast. The girls treated me like I was one of them and I gained a love for each and every one of them. They are all so different and unique and I really appreciated all of them. Our cabin didn't get any flag stealing in, and ours was only stolen once. Below is Maddie and I don't think their flag was ever stolen, she wore it the whole time!

Wendy is the snake lady, or maybe I should say the Snake Wrangler. A few of the girls found some small snakes and toted them around for a few days. I held the one Kaidy found, they were actually very mellow and never bit, whew!

The night hike was fun and the sunset was beautiful. I had to get a picture with Michelle. I went to girls camp with her "Many Moons Ago" but I'm too lazy to find and scan a picture from way back when!This is Miss Kaidy and her snake.
Me and my girls, some from my cabin and some that wish they were!
Dannah, me and Ashley

Ok, not too big on posting bathing suit pictures of me, but here it goes. This was the Polar Bear Plunge. I was the only leader that did it, but really, I was just one of the girls. We got up at 6am and submerged ourselves in this huge tub of ice water while we recited our Young Women's Values. I got recognition for being in the water the longest.
I loved camp and I hope to be able to be a cabin mom again next year!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

We aren't wierd, I promise!

Ok, so it has been a few years since we've had cable and many months since we had PBS. Now we have NO television (no television as in actual channels. We have 3 tv's in our house, all with a functioning dvd player). Many years ago Tyler asked what I thought of not having tv in our home and I thought that sounded crazy. Only wierd fanatical people do things like that right? Apparently not. Here's how it happened to us...

We couldn't afford cable or satellite, but for some reason we were getting cable. Tyler called several times to let the cable company know that we were getting cable and weren't paying for it. They basically told us to enjoy it while we had it and it would get taken care of eventually. So we did enjoy it. HGTV became one of our favorite. After many months of that while we were watching a kids channel the screen went blue, no more cable.
It was a little sad, but I suddenly filled that time with other things, mostly reading and crafts. We still had regular channels and PBS, so when we really felt like watching something we could usually find something. Well, then the whole digital thing happened and we lost PBS because they changed their signal early on, and now...nothing, all the stations have gone digital. I know we could spend the $40 or $50 bucks for the converter, but it's alright, we don't have that right now, and even if we did, I have found better ways to spend my time.
The other day I mentioned something about getting tv again if Ty's furlough days were ever taken away and we had some extra money. Micah replied, "I don't think we should do that cause we don't really watch much tv and when we go to Nana's it wouldn't be as much fun to watch her tv." So, I guess we'll stay tv free.

Anyone else out there as crazy as we are?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Awwww, so cute

June 14th It doesn't get much sweeter than this. My two babies cuddling.