Friday, November 27, 2009

November is here! segment 24, 25, 26 and 27

As today is Jacob's birthday I thought I would start with him. I am very thankful for Jacob. He most definately has a pretty big stinker streak, but he more than makes up for it in other areas. I am thankful for him sweetness and his desire to make everyone happy. I am also thankful for his sense of humor. We had an amazing day today, Daddy picked up donuts for Jacob's birthday breakfast and we got the house picked up in preparation for Christmas decorations. After everyone but me ate donuts Jacob opened his gifts from us which he was very happy with. Grandma Kay (my Dad's mom) took us all to the lapidary store and got Jacob a rock polisher, or tumbler, which I am pretty excited about. Then she took us out to eat at Home Town Buffet, one of the kids favorite places to eat that they only get to go to when Grandma takes them. Note, I more than made up for the donut I skipped having this morning!

I am thankful for the season! We got almost all of our Christmas decorations put up this evening. We listened to Christmas music and decorated. I am thankful for Christmas music and lights and just about everything having to do with Christmas.

If you are Helga or Becca, please don't read any further, the rest contains spoilers for Christmas gifts...

I am thankful for all the sewing I have been doing and I am so excited to give everyone my gifts this year.
These are Barbie clothes for my nieces, they match the dresses I made for Peyton and my nieces.
Here is another barbie dress
This is the back of one of the doll dresses that also matches, only the little girls are getting these, I ran out of fabric, sniff, sniff.
This is the front.
Here are some of them all together. I have 3 nieces and Peyton. I wish we were all going to be together for Christmas so I could get pictures of them all in their dresses!
I am thankful for my nice, comfortable warm bed too, goodnight!

Monday, November 23, 2009

November is here! segment 21, 22 and 23

I am still thankful! I have been too busy being thankful to post I guess.

I am thankful for the simple pleasures in life, a good show, a cute outfit, making a wish on a dandelion, and really cute little clips.
I am super thankful to have my wedding ring back. Tyler got it sized for me for our anniversary, I haven't been able to wear it in over 4 years. He also got one of my diamond earrings made into a necklace (thanks Bro Kennington!) I lost the match to it this summer, sniff, sniff. I think it looks even better as a necklace though. Tyler asked me not to spend money on him this year, so I gave him...homemade Andes mint cookies. They really are quite amazing. As you can tell by the look on his face, he liked them. Notice the jar Allison?
Mmmmm, I am thankful for sweets!
I am thankful that I had a wonderful weekend. Our date was fun, we had a great dinner at P.F. changs, it was my first time there and it was wonderful, they even gave us 25% off for our anniversary. We finished our Christmas shopping for the kids too. I took a picture of us to start a new tradition, pictures every year on our anniversary, that way we'll at least get one picture of us a year!
I am thankful for Family Home Evening, especially the ones like tonight that make me feel like we have perfect children, at least for the moment. Peyton kept pulling Micah's head to her and cuddling him, it was very sweet.
I am thankful that I got the Van completely cleaned today and some clutter boxed up and shelves in the china cabinet cleaned off in preparation for Christmas decor! I love this season and I love Christmas decorations!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

November is here! segment 18, 19 and 20

I am thankful that I found my missing cut out doll outfit and pattern! I will make time to sew it tomorrow so Miss P will have a doll outfit to match her own for a Christmas gift!!! I love it.

I am also thankful to be celebrating ten years (wow) with my wonderful husband Tyler. We were married in the Oakland Temple on November 20, 1999. I am so thankful for my temple marriage and how happy I have been having him as my eternal companion and my best friend. I know that all sounds rather corny but it's true.

As for November 20th, I am thankful that Tyler made it home alive and well this morning. He had to work last night, after a whole day of working and no sleep in between. The dog woke me this morning at 4am to an otherwise empty bed. No Tyler yet. He had gone into work at 6pm and should have already been home. I tried his cell phone several times and got no answer. I was sure he was lying dead somewhere, certain of it. On our 10 year anniversary too. I said several prayers and tried not to let my mind wander. I was thinking about Christmas, how to make it as normal as possible for the kids with a recently deceased father. I was thinking about all the bills Ty pays online and how some, most, don't even come in the mail, I don't even know where our life insurance information is. When something tragic happens I go into this mode where I appear very calm and I do everything I can to "handle" the situation. Anyway, after a few hours of trying my best to get more than 3 hours of sleep since we were going to be going on a date for our anniversary if in fact he wasn't dead. I wanted to not be an exhausted zombie tonight! He finally made it home, he called a bit before he made it home and I did fall asleep. The poor man worked 12 hours last night! It will at least be good to get that overtime check for the holidays! So, I am thankful that my husband is alive!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November is here! segment 15, 16 and 17

Oh my, I had a feeling this might happen. Things are busy and it's hard to get to the computer everyday, and sometimes it just doesn't happen.

So, I am thankful for computers, very thankful. I am also thankful for my time away from the computer. I am thankful for digital cameras and video cameras and journals and blogs and all things that can record our history.

Tonight at scouts I found out why the church was empty last Wednesday when it was time for scouts. I thought we just didn't have scouts since it was a holiday (Veteran's Day). Nope, there was scouts, it was in the morning, the scouts had an opportunity to be in a Veteran's Day parade and earn a really cool, big patch. We somehow didn't know this, I guess it's because Micah went to Bears from Wolfs and the old den leader didn't tell him probably because she thought the new one would, and vise versa. I don't know. Anyhow, I am thankful that when Micah learned this tonight at pack meeting he didn't freak out. He tends to freak out about things like that. I know it really bothered him though because he had to come up with all the reasons why it was good that we didn't know. He tends to do this with things he knows there is no way of making up for. He says it was good we didn't know because a lot of the kids said it was tiring walking in the parade and he wouldn't want his legs getting tired, right. Poor kid. I am thankful though that there wasn't even a hint of a scene made.

Lastly, for now...I am thankful to have a husband that is putting left over dinner away and making the boys lunches for tomorrow. He may be feeling a bit bad about me being on my own more often, it may be because our anniversary is on Friday (10 years), or it may just be because he's awesome. I don't know, but whatever the reason, I'm taking it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

November is here! segment 14

I am thankful for Robin, my friend, giver of the green paint. Without her, these cabinets would be cream, like the furniture in Peyton's room. I know they would look lovely in cream, but They would not have been so fun. This picture is before I started the sanding, and after I took all the clutter off.
Same here, just the top of the cabinets.
I am thankful for my little apprentice and companion, Ben.
I am thankful that P didn't fall off the ladder while I ran to get my camera.
Here they are finished, very green, clutter back on.
I finished the boys bathroom cabinets today and I like them even better in the green than the hall cabinets. I still need to get a finished picture of those. Thanks Robin!

Friday, November 13, 2009

November is here! segment 12 and 13

Well, tonight I was in the garage doing some night painting. This time I'm making the boys bathroom cabinets green to match the ones in the hall (thanks for the paint Robin). My little helper Ben was painting with me and Miss P was keeping us company. I was distracted with my painting when I heard a loud crash and then a wail. It was P and Micah's bike had fallen on top of her and she was laying on her back on top of my wet cabinets! I am thankful to report that she is fine, she was just scared, and I got most of the paint out of her little purple sleeper. So thankful for that!

I am thankful for furlough Fridays and a husband that enjoys grocery shopping. I'm thankful that we got to go shopping with just the 2 of us. Yolawnda had Ben and Morgan watched P. It was like a date, almost. I am thankful for full cabinets, a full freezer and a full pantry. I am a bit sad that I no longer have an excuse for feeding my family sorry excuses of a dinner.

I am thankful to report that P's eye is completely healed now and her cheek is just slightly red and a bit dry looking. I am amazed at how quickly it all healed. She looks much cuter now, like her old self.

I just thought this was so cute. I am thankful to have a daddy's girl daughter. It's really quite sweet.
Peyton's first shiner

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November is here! segment 11

I am thankful for my haircut! No, mostly I just put these in here because a few of you that don't see me often wanted pics. I cut a good foot or so off and it does feel much better.
This obviously, is the front. Jacob took the picture for me because Ben took the first one and it was VERY unflattering :) Jacob is taller and stood on the couch. Pictures taken from below are so not good for me!
This picture was from the other night when Ben was my sleeping buddy until 4am when Tyler got home from work. I am thankful that I have a little buddy and I am thankful for sleeping children. The world (at least my world) is a better place when my kids are well rested.
Lastly, for tonight anyway, I am thankful for my girls. Not just my beehives, but all of the Young Women. I am thankful for mutual and all the fun we have together, and for a husband that arranges for me to be able to go!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November is here! segment 10

All I did until this afternoon was play games with Ben, exercise, shower and play more games with Ben. That kid is a game maniac, seriously. He's good too, I don't just mean good for a 4 year old either, he's really good. The kid actually bested me at checkers. I've never played it with him before and I was honestly expecting to whip him at it. I was trying too. It was probably the best game of checkers I've ever played, I gave it my all. He was so happy at beating me that immediatly after he asked me if he could call Daddy. I let him gloat. I got on the phone with Ty after Ben gloated for just a minute and Ty told me that last week he taught Ben how to play, they played a game where he was just pretty much learning the rules, and then they played again and Tyler had to actually try to beat him, which he did. I don't think anyone beats Ty at checkers. It's kind of funny to think that Ben is a more challenging opponent than I am. Anyway, I know that's a big explanation of what I'm getting at here, but...

I am thankful that I have kids that are smarter than I am. I'm not saying they know more than I do right now, but they are better at some things already and they know some things that I don't. I am sure by the time they are my age they will know far more than I do now.

I am also very thankful that having 3 boys has really mellowed me out A LOT. What's going on in this picture below would have really bothered me several years ago, now I can almost even handle when the boys jump from arm to arm on the leather couches, almost. If you can't tell, they are tipping Grandma Williams rocking recliner on it's back, I hope she is not turning in her grave, so to speak.
I am not thankful that Sister Dunford left us. Before she left I gave her a Barbie Sister Dunford. When she showed up that morning for my sister's discussion she was wearing a white shirt and black skirt just like her counterpart, minus the black lace. I happened to have some black lace, so before she left I quickly added it. It was very worth the time it took as she was VERY happy to have her very own Sister Missionary Barbie.
However, I am happy to report that although the new sister is no Sister Dunford, I like her. She is from Tonga and this is her first area. 2 months ago she did not speak english and I am amazed at how well she does now. She has definately been blessed with the gift of tongues. They came over last night for another discussion with my sister and it was fun to hear a little about Tonga (they eat dogs there, Sister Tufoe does not though)and how it differs from here. She helped teach part of the discussion and did a beautiful job and had the spirit with her. I am happy to report that my mom knows she is learning about the church and is fine with it. I love my mom so very much and her support means a great deal to me. Mom, if you're reading this, I love you!

Monday, November 9, 2009

November is here! segment 9

Tonight I'll keep it simple and say this. I am thankful for the nights Tyler has to work a double shift. He gets paid overtime and I have an evening all to myself to get caught up on all the laundry. Benny is asleep on my bed right now, right where Tyler usually is. Instead of hearing Tyler's snores, I get to hear Ben's! I am thankful our kids have their own beds and are pretty good about sleeping in them but I do enjoy cuddling one of my sleeping children every now and again.

On another note, I was just reading the NieNie Dialogues and her husband made a comment to their daughter that I have to remember and use. He said, "Girls, guess what, the devil just called and he said you guys are doing awesome."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

November is here! segment 7 and 8

Yes, I knew it would eventually happen, I didn't post yesterday, ahhh! I didn't get any computer time. I usually get on at night after I've gotten all the kids to bed. Last night Miss P was having a rough time going to sleep, I guess her nap was too late. So, that leads me to...

I am thankful for the nights I get to rock and sing to my baby girl while she'll still let me. I'm thankful for those moments she lays her head on my shoulder and plays with my hair, and when she turns her face to mine and gives me kisses. I'm also thankful for bedtime, when the house is quiet and the things I pick up stay picked up until the next day. I'm thankful for those late night hours that I have to myself to read and relax.

I am thankful for change. I'm thankful that I'm still me, but I'm not that insecure, immature, overly sensitive (ok, still a bit overly sensitive) teenage girl I once was. I'm thankful that the numbers on the scale, although still way too high, are continuing to go down, be it ever so slowly. I'm thankful (yes again) for a husband that loves me through it all and still continues to tell me how beautiful I am (even at my worst).

Friday, November 6, 2009

November is here! segment 6

Tonight what I am most grateful for is my bed! I cannot tell you how incredibly tired I am. I slept horribly last night. It took me way too long to fall asleep and because of the time change, which is still messing me up, I can't sleep past 6 am, so, when you go to sleep at 2am, 5:30 am is way to early to wake up!

ok, I must say, I am very thankful for my miscellaneous craft supplies that allow me to be creative and make things for little or no money. This is my latest holiday decor project and I'm planning on doing something similar for Christmas so...IF YOU HAVE ANY GOOD IDEAS FOR WORDS LET ME KNOW! I'm thinking I'll for sure do one that says "believe".
I start with 2x4 scraps and cut them to the desired length and then sand them with my electric sander, Then I paint them.
After that I put the word in my chosen font printed from the computer on top of transfer paper and trace over it.

This is how it looks after
Then I paint the words in a contrasting color, I didn't take a picture of the final result, but I distress the edges with my sander and that's it. The look cute stacked on a shelf or hanging on a wall, or just by themselves.
I am also thankful for this cute, sweet, funny little girl. I played Barbies with her tonight. She was my mom's old Ken and I was Barbie. She makes them talk now and it is too cute. Family came over for cake and ice cream for Micah's birthday tonight and Micah's best friend Colton came too and is spending the night. It was a great night and I'm thankful to have so many of our family here close to us.
Just look at that smile!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

November is here! segment 5

I am thankful for my and Tyler's Thursday game nights, which have pretty much been Scrabble nights. I used to hate Scrabble for some reason, now I love it. Sadly I am still not good at it. Whenever Tyler has a furlough Friday we try to make good use of it and stay up late the Thursday night before playing games. I have come to really look forward to this night and really enjoy it.

November is here! segment 4

FYI, this post counts for Nov 4th since I haven't gone to bed yet!

I am thankful that we have a trampoline again. It is so much fun to watch the kids jump, especially Peyton, she just jumps in circles all the way around. She is so light that she doesn't even need to bend her knees at all. I am thankful that I can still do toe touches and flips on the trampoline, and that my kids are still young enough to think that it makes me cool. I'm thankful that they want to go outside more often now and that they get more exercise.
Yes, she's in her jammies and slippers. It is first thing in the morning, I promise. I am thankful that having this trampoline causes us all to giggle and laugh much more often. My kids laughter is one of my favorite things to hear, even if it is mixed in with arguing here and there!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November is here! segment 3

I am so thankful that I have a daughter for so many reasons. She is such a wonderful addition to our family. I am thankful that she is such a girlie girl and at the same time a bit of a tomboy. She is one tough girl. I'm also thankful for her mature and goofy sense of humor. Yes, that is my bra and she did that all by herself, looks like she must be watching mommy closer than mommy thought!
I am thankful for Micah too, for his amazing attention to detail, his wonderful memory and his keen sense of right and wrong and his overwhelming desire to not only always do what is right, but for everyone else around him to do what is right too. He is turning 9 years old on November 4th, which is today for most of you who are reading this! Please wish him a happy birthday if you can.
Here is how Micah is supposed to look, I'm sure his spotty black and blond hair will grow out before too long! I know that having black hair for Harry Potter was very important to him, so I'm grateful that daddy made a deal with him and let him do it if he would let me buzz his head afterward.
I am thankful for my sense of humor, sometimes it gets misplaced but I'm grateful for the times I really need it and can find it. I'm thankful that having 3 boys has really mellowed me out and taught me to have much more patience.

Monday, November 2, 2009

November is here! segment 2

It's not yet midnight, so I'm still keeping up on my challenge!

I am thankful that I have a patient grandmother that taught me to sew at a young age and let me use scissors at age 2. I am also thankful that she has a huge supply of sewing stuff and gives me fabric even when I don't ask for it! I can't leave out that I'm thankful for the clearance tables and discounted fabrics at any given store, and my castaway clothing that can be remade into Barbie clothes, doll clothes and little girls clothes.
I'm very thankful for a sister that has finally become my friend. I'm thankful that I get to see her most days of the week and that she still changes poopy diapers and wipes snotty noses and helps with my kids even though she has a new baby of her own.
This may sound silly to some, but I'm thankful that I finally got a picture with all 4 of my kids in it, all 4 smiling, all 4 looking at the camera, amazing!
Lastly, for today, I am thankful I let my husband talk me into digital scrapbooking. I am thankful I can get something productive, worthwhile and creative done without making a mess and without spending any money. Oh yes, and I'm thankful to have 4 beautiful and funny children that give me an endless amount of material to scrapbook!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November is here!

Call me crazy, but I am actually going to try and do a post a day this month. I know huh? Crazy. This time of year really is my favorite, I love the weather and all the wonderful holidays, one right after the other. This year we are going to be spending a lot less money and taking a lot more time to focus on the things that are really important. Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I feel like I have a great deal to be thankful for I'm going to take some time each day this month to express my gratitude.

I am thankful to have 4 healthy children, and that Peyton's injuries were not any worse than they are. I am also thankful that my very good friend's husband is a nurse studying to be a nurse practitioner and took a few minutes from his day to check Miss P out.
I just made my super modest husband turn away so I can type this without him reading along! I am super grateful for this guy. I'm thankful that he is worthy enough to hold a calling in the bishopric, and grateful for the blessings that it has already brought to our family and I know will continue to come. I'm thankful for how responsible he is and how well he takes care of us. I'm also thankful that he is too good. I love that about him, I really do honey, I need that.
And, definately not last for the day, I am thankful for these wonderful sister missionaries we have in our ward, even though sis Dunford is leaving us on Wednesday, I'm grateful for the time we've had with her, and that we've had sis Johnson for such a very long time. These sisters are the best missionaries ever, truely. I am also grateful that sis Dunford will be here for my sister's next discussion.