Thursday, October 25, 2012

Is anyone still here?

I guess things have been busy lately and i just haven't been to keep up with life!  I am going to be blogging again, and the order they come in will most likely be pretty random!  I have a kid in jr. high this year and he's loving it.  He'll be 12 in less than 2 weeks and he is so ready to be out of primary.  He got all A's and is still playing the piano (level 4) and taking violin lessons from my mom.
 The first day of school we dropped him off and this is the best picture I could get of him.  We also heard the "F" word within about 3 seconds of him getting out of the car, here we go.
 Jacob is in fifth grade this year and in the best class.  His teacher is amazing and helping him come right out of his shell.  He's in band and chorus, he had his play tonight which he had the lead role in, he ran for student body (didn't get elected) and he'll be starting basketball in about a week!  He also, like Micah, got all A's on his report card.
 So far all of my boys have had the same teacher for 2nd grade, we like her, Ben is doing great.  He is loving gymnastics and doing really well at it and in school, all A's as well.
 Peyton is sure something, I don't even know what to saw about her.  She is stubborn and strong willled and funny and she really knows exactly what she wants.  She is still shy but not as much as she used to be, sometimes she doesn't turn away from people when they talk to her, and sometimes she even smiles.  She is also in gymnastics but I'm not sure she loves it like Ben does.
 This is Jacob with his campaign poster.
I had this little chest at my grandma's and she gave it to me, I changes the pulls and used it to organize my small pieces of upholstery fabric. It's right by my sewing machine.
 I love how the fabric looks in the drawers.  It makes me want to sew.
 This drawer also has the regular fabric scraps I just can't part with.
 My boys all love each other very much, they hang out together even in a stinky bathroom while one of them is pooping.
 I have a date every few weeks with my little girl.  Her date place of choice is a frozen yogurt place near our house.  She likes spinning on the stools.
We got a very sweet and cute dog and then 4 months later, got rid of a very cute and sweet dog that loves to dig and chew.