Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Utah Trip, loads of pics

We had so much fun in Utah, it went by way too quickly.  I got to bond with nieces and Nephews.  Here I am below with Bryan and Helga's oldest, Makyla.  She is a funny girl, she reminds me SO much of Peyton.
 We started a new tradition this year, kids got served and ate first, then they went to the basement to watch a movie.  The adults got to eat in peace and quiet without any disturbances, it was really nice.
 We took a little side trip to the cemetery in Salt Lake where Tyler's Grandparents are buried.  I had to try not to get all weepy, I miss Tyler's Grandma Williams, she past away when Micah was just a baby.
 We had a huge family reunion with Tyler's Dad's side of the family and the kids got to swim in the pool at my Father-in-laws brother's Apt.
 After swimming and dinner we went to see the lights at Temple Square, the kids got to touch the temple.
 It was freezing and our group got separated a few times but we didn't lose any of the kids in the crowd, not even Ben!
 It snowed just beore we came and of course melted for the most part before we got there.  We made the most of it and found a few piles for the kids to have a snowball (chunk) fight in.
 S'mores for dessert after FHE (out of order, this was our first night there).
 For our "snow" trip we ended up with the boy car.
 Hanging out at Bryan and Helga's beautiful home in Lehi (I think).  The cousins were so cute and really bonded with each other.
 Peyton latched on to Sophie again and Sophie seemed just fine with it.
 Aunt Becca did matching hairdo's for the cousins...
 Peyton had to really try hard not to smile, but she succeeded like always.

 Boys beat girls at Catch Phrase, BARELY.  They were ecstatic.
 Girls bonded, maybe a bit too much!  We were up the night before Thanksgiving until 6am.  Not the smartest thing to do, but it was well worth it, I mean, how often to I get to spend time with my sisters?
 We really do all love each other very much.
 One of my best friends was in Utah for her sons wedding and she came and found me at the visitors center, it made my night!  I love you Allyson!
 Can anyone guess who my new friend is???  After the lights at Temple Square we happened upon a Deseret Book store and I got to meet one of my most favorite authors!
 LeGrand and Becca's house was amazing and perfect for hosting a bazillion people for a week.  Thanks guys, we loved it and miss you all!