Saturday, August 30, 2008

Are you speaking spanish?

Yesterday I had Luke Sever all day. I have watched him a lot over the last few years and I love him like one of my own. He is just a cute and funny little boy. He is 4 1/2 years old. We went swimming at my parents house yesterday and had just gotten out and were lounging around drying off. Ben is into story telling lately and was going off on one of his stories, which can be quite long. Well, when he finally paused to take a breath, Luke says, "Ben, are you speaking Spanish?" I still laugh about it every time I think of it. Ben is pretty hard to understand sometimes, so I guess Luke thought it must have been another language.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to school

Starting with a hearty breakfast, their favorite, sunnyside eggs and toast with milk.

Jacob, 1st grade Mrs. Frankfort
Micah, 3rd grade Mr. Walker
My big boys (Jacob picked his clothes out and I could not persuede him to wear anything else.)
This is where he hangs his bag when he comes in every morning. It is also where Micah hung his bag when he was in the same class with the same teacher 2 years earlier.
Jacob at his desk...ok, I'm leaving you, all day, wow. I'll miss you Jakie.
Micah in line in front of his class with Jared a friend from his sunday school class, they are in the same class at school this year!

They both said they had a great day. Micah was excited about earning Walker bucks that they can use to buy candy from their teacher. He said that he was glad school was back in and that he wished it were a year long school. Let's hope that feeling lasts! Jacob liked school too and playing with a new friend from his sunday school class that is also in his class at school. He doesn't remember his name, but I am so glad he found a friend. He also told me that he ate his sandwich faster than he ever eats it at home. The sandwich thing was a worry of mine. Jacob hates sandwiches, but that is really the easiest thing to make for a sack lunch, he is doing ok with it though. Looking forward to the rest of the year and the learning it will bring!

Twas the night before.....

The first day of school!

Making lunches.
Packing it up.
Father's Blessings.
Even Ben gets a blessing, thanks daddy.
This is the spot this year for all of the wonderful blessings.
Hugs after.
Daddy and his boys.

Ben's frog friend

August 16, 2008

While out in the front yard Ben and Tyler found the cutest little frog. We all had fun holding him, or her!

The Island!

August 15, 2008 Friday

We went to The Island waterpark with my mom and my little sister. We all had lots of fun. The boys have been wanting to go to the waterpark all summer. We had passes last year to Wild Water, so it was kind of a let down to them to not go all summer. None of us had ever been to The Island except mom and Morgan, so we wanted to check it out. It was very cool. Peyton had a few rought times when she was tired but she did fine. A general favorite of all of ours was the lazy river. It was so fun to just swim along or against the current. Micah and I went on some of the more adult rides and he surprised me. There was one that was so long and steep that I freaked out a little (my body kind of left the slide on the way down!) He didn't seem at all scared, I guess I have a ride buddy now! We have so many cute pictures, but I'll try to just pick a few.

Getting sunscreened for the day. My serious baby girl.
Nana's helping with the sunscreening too, 4 kids and 3 adults take a while to sunscreen.
Ben posing on the spewing turtle.
Aunt Morgan, Nana, Jacob and Ben taking refuge from the huge dumping bucket.
Ben and Micah on the crab slide.

My 3 sons
Ben and Jacob posing so nicely for mommy.

Time to go!

Playing "with" sister

August 9, 2008

Micah got some dolls and clothes out to play with Peyton. The boys are happy to have a sister so they can play with girl toys now!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

LeGrand's Visit

Of course I didn't get many pictures while LeGrand was here but oh well. Tyler was beside himself with happiness and the boys absolutely loved LeGrand. We all wish he could have stayed longer and that the rest of the family could have come too, but we still really enjoyed having him here. I got to sleep in the bed in Peyton's room, which I actually loved. It was neat to wake up and hear her breathing and peek at her sleeping form. So, that means that Tyler got to share our bed with LeGrand! You are welcome any time LeGrand and Becca and kids, WE LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My 30th birthday

A Delicious breakfast in bed, and the birthday song with 3 handmade cards from my boys.

Dinner at Claim Jumper with my family (a lot of them anyway!)
Medium Rare filet mignon, sweet potato and veggies for dinner.
This is just part of the table, you can't see my mommy, Larry Ben Ty and only part of Morgan.

Here is my mom and Tyler, since they got cut out of the other pic...
and Morgan and Larry.
Ice Cream Cake for dessert.
Morgan made me a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

My moms did Karaoke and they rocked!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy 7 months Peyton!

These pictures were taken when Peyton was 6 months and of course I never got a post done for that. She is the sweetest baby ever and we are all really enjoying her. She is a great sleeper and is starting to sit pretty well. She is not crawling yet, but she scoots very well. She is often very serious and you sometimes have to work a smile from her, but when you get finally get it it's radiant and lights the whole room. She smiles easily at her brothers and the animals though, I guess they are her favorites! When Tyler takes her during the 3rd hour of church and I see her after she just beams and makes me feel so loved, like she really missed me. I love having a daughter!

Bubbles Galore

For Ben's birthday my Aunt Jan got him a little red hippo that blows bubbles. Let me tell you, this thing produces mas quantities of bubbles at a very fast pace. It awesome. Ben went through 4 containers of bubbles in 2 days. Money well spent, Thanks Aunt Jan!