Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to school

Starting with a hearty breakfast, their favorite, sunnyside eggs and toast with milk.

Jacob, 1st grade Mrs. Frankfort
Micah, 3rd grade Mr. Walker
My big boys (Jacob picked his clothes out and I could not persuede him to wear anything else.)
This is where he hangs his bag when he comes in every morning. It is also where Micah hung his bag when he was in the same class with the same teacher 2 years earlier.
Jacob at his desk...ok, I'm leaving you, all day, wow. I'll miss you Jakie.
Micah in line in front of his class with Jared a friend from his sunday school class, they are in the same class at school this year!

They both said they had a great day. Micah was excited about earning Walker bucks that they can use to buy candy from their teacher. He said that he was glad school was back in and that he wished it were a year long school. Let's hope that feeling lasts! Jacob liked school too and playing with a new friend from his sunday school class that is also in his class at school. He doesn't remember his name, but I am so glad he found a friend. He also told me that he ate his sandwich faster than he ever eats it at home. The sandwich thing was a worry of mine. Jacob hates sandwiches, but that is really the easiest thing to make for a sack lunch, he is doing ok with it though. Looking forward to the rest of the year and the learning it will bring!

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Caleen said...

They look so cute and they look so excited for school. I can't believe they are growing so fast. It really helps when they are happy at school.
I totally know about the sandwich thing. Sometimes the whole lunch experience is hard. Especially when they are picky. I really worried about the time they had to eat and if they would have enough. I almost wanted to sit with them at lunch time. It can be very stressful for them. My boys worried me more than the girls.
I hope they have a great year..