Saturday, March 29, 2008

Remember the 80's?

Did you ever end a sentence with the word "PSYCH!"
It always bugged me, I was pretty big on Just Kidding! Though.
Did you ever own a pound puppy?
yes, a few.
Which "Big Hair Band" group did you like?
I liked a lot of them, don’t laugh! Guns n Roses was a good one though.
What was your favorite Blondie song?
One way or another
Strawberry Shortcake or Holly Hobby?
Admit it, you owned the Strawberry Shortcake little scented dolls?
Yep, Strawberry herself.
What are "Hammer Pants", and what is "Hammer Time?"
Big puffy pants that go skinny at the ankle, and “Stop, hammer time.” I actually went to MC Hammer’s house my freshman year of high school with my sign language class, it was near a school for the deaf that we visited.
Fraggle Rock or the Muppets Show?
Neither, I hated them both.
Saturday Mornings – Up early and watched whatever I could.
Did you rock the side ponytail?
Always, that was one of my mom’s favorites. I think a few of my school pics are with a side ponytail.
Did you play the game MASH (Mansion, Apartment, Shelter, House)?
yes, often, but I thought it was Shack, not Shelter.
How many pairs of L.A.
Gear did you own?
Not sure, I had a pink pair, a turquoise pair and some high tops with 3 different laces that weaved in and out of each other.
Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing or Are you There God? It's Me Margaret?
Are you there God?
Did you ever "wax on" and "wax off"?
I did.
Do you even know what I’m talking about?
Yes! Karate Kid baby!
Did you wear fluorescent clothing (Be Truthful!)?
Sadly I did, please don’t support it coming back in style, it’s horrible!
Michael Jackson or Prince?
I was a Prince fan, now I like Michael, “The way you make me feel” I love that song!
Name three actors from the movie Goonies.
Sean Astin and Corey Feldman and that really cute girl with red hair.
Cabbage Patch Kids or Garbage Pail Kids?
Both. My dad got me a huge collection of Garbage Pail Kids. I had about 4 Cabbage Patch kids, 2 were Cornsilk Kids and one was a pet, then there was my first, a baby, Adelaide Agnes.
What lunch box did you carry to school?
I had a new one every year. I don’t remember.
Slap bracelets?
of course
Hypercolor t-shirts or Jelly Shoes?
I never had a hypercolor t-shirt, but I did want one, they were to expensive. I got my 1st pair of jellies for my 6th birthday. I begged my mom and we had to go to several stores to find them, we finally found them at Millers Outpost.
George Michael or Boy George?
Boy George, Carma Chameleon
Friendship Pins or Friendship Bracelets?
Bracelets, I did the pins too though.
Madonna or Cyndi Lauper?
Did you wear penny loafers with a penny in them, and rolled up jeans?
Yes to both again. I sometimes even put Dimes in my loafers. I kinda wish they’d come back, I like penny loafers.
What 80's movie did Julia Roberts mark her debut in (*hint* not pretty woman)?
Debut? I'm not sure.
Mystic Pizza
Do you know what happened to Baby Jessica?
She fell in a well.
What TV show did Johnny Depp get his start?
21 Jump Street.
Corey Haim or Corey Feldman?
Corey Haim, I loved Stand by Me.
Did you own a Rubix cube, and if so, were you able to ever solve it?
yes and no, but I married someone that can solve one!
What NFL team performed the "Superbowl Shuffle"?
No idea.
Where were you when the space shuttle "Challenger" blew up?
6th grade. We were watching on TV.
Run DMC remade what group's song "Walk this Way", and performed the new take with them?
Frankie says?
How many swatches did you own? Do you remember the colors?
One, it was grey and pink and I begged for it for Christmas, it was about all I got because it was expensive!
New Coke or Classic Coke?
No thanks. Diet Caffeine free Coke, or Pepsi.
Who was your favorite Facts of Life character?
Natalie and Blair
Prince Charles and Diana or Luke and Laura?
Did you own an Atari? If so, what was your favorite game?
Yes! Pong!
What is the "Eye of the Tiger"?
A song
Are you singing it in your head now?
It's the...eye of the’s the thrill of the fight rising up to the challenge of our rivals.
Did you think high school was going to be like Fast Times at Ridgemont High? No, but it was more like it than I would have thought.
Pretty in Pink or Sixteen Candles?
16 candles. I watched Pretty in Pink a few months back, not good, not good. It should have been R for sure. I don’t know what they were thinking rating it PG, crazy, there is a shower scene where they show a nude girl, yes, seriously. I about died, good thing my kids were asleep.
What movie provided the famous line..."THEIR HEEEEERRRRREEE"?
Oooh, creepy, wasn’t it Poltergeist?
Did you wear leg warmers?
No, I don’t think I did, my mom did for dance class though.
Wacky Wallwalker or Stretch Armstrong?
Pee Wee sang "The Stars at Night...are Big and Bright! in what famous movie?
Pee Wee's Big Adventure. HA HA! I know you are but what am I?
Couldn't wait for the summer for Slip and Slide?
Yep, so fun. Now they have some crazy ones with pools at the end and everything.
Did you wear scrunched up socks with your reeboks?
Yes, 2 different colors, pro wings too!
Rainbow Bright or My Little Pony?
Both. I had a rainbow Bright sleeping bag and doll and I had a my little pony stable and lots of my little ponies.
Magic Johnson or Larry Bird?
Neither, maybe Larry Bird.
We Are the World or The Greatest Love of All?
I believe the children are our are future , teach them well and let them lead the way , Show them all the beauty they possess insiiiiiiiide.
Because the Greatest love of all’s inside of me…
Did you say "What you talking 'bout Willis"?
What was the hair spray of choice for girls around the nation to
unreasonably tease their hair?
Aqua Net
Did you own banana clips?
yes, my mom still has mine and my 15 year old sister uses them sometimes!
The Cosby Show or Family Ties?
Did you ever think She-Ra and He-man should have hooked up?
I thought they did
Barbie or Jem?
I loved playing Barbie, but I loved watching Jem.
Do you remember going to the skating ring BEFORE inline skates?
Of course, Rollertown, Hokey Pokey, couples skate…
What fast food restaurant put out the famous commercial, Where's the Beef? Burger King right?
Did you rush home to watch the "After School Specials"?
I liked those.
Ferris Bueller or Teen Wolf?
Ferris Bueller, I watched the end of that yesterday on tv!
You still have the "Eye of the Tiger" in your head, don't you?
I didn't but thanks. Now I do.
Who ya gonna call?
Ghostbusters. I ain't afraid of no ghost.
Flashdance or Footloose?
Tiffany or Debbie Gibson?
Debbie Gibson
What was the first video MTV played?
August 1st 1981, Video Killed the Radio Star.
What was ET's favorite candy?
Same as mine, Reeses Pieces!
What TV show did Bruce Willis star in?
Moonlighting, my parents watched it.
What was the name of the talking car in Knight Rider?
What song had the words "Gag me with a spoon"?
I didn't know that came from a song.
What character on a TV show liked to eat cats?
Name six members of the Brat Pack?
Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy
Duran Duran or Depeche Mode?
Depeche Mode.
What group did New Order evolve from?
What was the name of the Bjork fronted 80's band?
Again, no clue
Name all five New Kids on the Block.
Joey Mcintire, Donny Whalberg...Heather Wilson would know!
What TV actress co-starred in the movie "Howard the Duck"?
Lea Thompson
Name the 4th original member of Depeche Mode, went on to form Yaz,
and then another more lasting group?
What speed did Marty have to reach in order to activate the flux capacitor (*hint* Back to the Future*)
Name Buck Rogers pal.
What was the name of the bartender on The Love Boat?
I hated The Love Boat.
What was the name of the once Morissey-fronted band of the 80's?
The Smiths
Did you wear the Izod polo shirts?
No, I think it was more of a boy thing.
Esprit, Guess, or Forenza?
Some things never change.
Did you think you would be killed by pop rocks and soda *be honest*?
I believed it enough to not try it.
The California Raisins or Spuds McKenzie?
Did you skateboard, and if so, did you make sure you had on all your Vision Streetwear on before you went out as if you were Gator Rogowski?
No, I didn’t skateboard until high school, in 1992. I wore Docs and Vans and Stussy.
Do you remember Max Headroom, and if so, what commercials do you remember him from?
Did you own a Beta or VHS?
My dad had a beta and my mom had a vhs.
Do you remember the "Baby on Board" trend? What did you think?
yes, I still see those in cars.
Let's get?
Physical. Physical. I wanna get Physical.
(don't get excited it's just a song)
CHiPs or Miami Vice?
Miami Vice.
Solid Gold or Dance Fever?
solid gold
Halloween or Friday the 13th?
Beat Street or Breakin?
What Irish rock group had us all singing, Sunday, Bloody Sunday?
What was the trendy term for popular music in the 80's?
I don’t know
Did you like this survey?
It brought back a lot of memories

Celebrity Morph by MyHeritage

This thing is so much fun. I've done lots of pics of my family and myself. The people that always come up for me are Kate Bosworth, Marcia Cross and Angelina Jolie. Tyler keeps getting Chad Michael Murray and Michael Vartan. See who you resemble and post it, consider this a tag!!!

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities

Friday, March 28, 2008


Jacob starts T-ball April 1st. We are very excited for him. Tyler had him out in the backyard practicing. He will actually be allowed to be pitched to, which is good because he does not like hitting off the T. Jacob is very athletically inclined but rarely shows an interest in sports, so it will be interesting to see how he does with this. He is great at hitting the ball, but Tyler is working on trying to get him to not close his eyes and flinch. Part of this practice envolves Tyler gently throwing the ball at Jacob's body and telling him to stay still no matter what. He does pretty well, until he gets the bat in his hands!

I just thought he looked so cute here.

Jacob flinching.
Tyler pitching.

Jacob hitting!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Worth the Wait

After 3 boys that statement is most definatley true! I love my boys and I love the new dynamics of our family and I wouldn't have it any other way. We all love Peyton so much and she is such a blessing and a miracle. I'm sure that Heavenly Father knew exactly what he was doing sending her to us, she was just what we all needed.

March 26, 2008
Peyton is always such a beauty, even when she is crying she has a softness and a sweetness to her. I think she gets tired of all my photo shoots!

March 27, 2008
We surprised Grandma Kay with a visit while Micah and Jacob were at school. I brought my camera along to make sure I got some pictures for Ben and Peyton's Jesus loves me books. (Becca made these books for Micah and Jacob and they just love them, so now I need them for Ben and Peyton. They have pictures of all their family members that say Nana loves Micah, etc. The last page is Jesus and it says Jesus loves Micah, really cute.) Well, Grandma didn't have any makeup on, and she wasn't wearing her wig so she didn't want any pictures of her. I had to lie and tell her I just wanted to get pictures of Peyton smiling. It was so cute. My grandma was really getting lots of adorable smiles out of her and she was talking away to Grandma too. I couldn't pass up the opportunity, I think my Grandma is beautiful no matter what. She has been a huge part of my life since I was a baby, she has been almost like a second mother to me and I want her to be a part of my kids lives as long as possible.

I have been making clips for Me and Peyton, and I have made some for Becca and her girls too (Becca, these are actually yours!). I had a pile of them set aside to mail to Becca, well, Jacob comes up to me and askes me to get the camera and take a picture of him and ben. I turn around and they've both got white flower clips in their hair. I thought it was adorable. Even funnier is that when I was taking this picture Tyler walked in the door, home a little early from work. He never thinks these things are as cute as I do, or even cute at all!

That night I was in charge of making dinner at my parents house. The boys were all playing Hogwarts in the back yard. Mind you, my parents backyard is mostly all pool. I knew, I just knew, that one of them was going to fall in the pool. My mom and I are very careful about keeping an eye on them while they are near the pool. Micah and Jacob are very good swimmers, but you never know, and Ben thinks he can swim, very scary. Anyway, my mom went to change Peyton, so my sister and I were both keeping our eyes on them. Earlier my sister told the big boys to run and get us if anyone fell in the pool, just to cover the bases. So, I had just checked on them and quickly did something and then looked back up again and saw Ben in the pool hanging onto the edge. It actually took a moment to register. It would have looked so normal, had it been summer! As I was running to him Micah was running to us yelling, "Ben fell in the pool." He is so responsible, great job Micah! Ben was very calm and I lifted him out and started to strip him when I thought of the camera. I grabbed it and got this photo. I told him what a good job he did getting to the edge and grabbing on. His head never even went under!

He was wearing superman pajamas and his camo crocks, cute huh? He always pics out those silly shoes whenever I let him pick his shoes. It's either those, or church shoes!

I like to prop Peyton up and sit in front of her and just talk to her and smile at her. This makes her very happy and she rewards me with the cutest smiles and coos. I love being a mommy!

Look at those cheeks and chins!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I have always hated the game of Scrabble. Sadly it is one of Tyler's favorite games. We had one cheapy scrabble game and Tyler played it a few times, not with me, and then when my Grandpa died we inherited their very old, but very cool Scrabble. For Christmas, LeGrand and Becca got us a nice new game. On the night of Easter Sunday, we were at Tyler's parents house and Dad pulled out the travel version we had got him. Ugh, that was my first thought. I decided to just try it out again, poor Ty, he loves this game. I need to make a better effort, right? So, I joined in the game. It was Tyler, Dad, Brent and Myself playing, Mom hates the game too. So, I must say, I actually enjoyed myself and will definately be playing it again. I did come in last place, with Tyler winning, of course, but I wasn't very far behind dad, do, I'm sure, with some practice I'll do much better. It was, I believe, my first time ever finishing a game.

My words, Prose, Ruby, Motley, Nick, Dare, and Can, I think that's it.

Tyler, the winner of the game, and Jacob, who at one point was his partner. Micah was my partner at one point, he is the one that came up with the word Ruby. He had a few other great words, but by the time it came our turn, the spot was taken. He is going to be a great Scrabble player though.

Micah and Jacob were so tired from the days activities. When we arrived home, pretty late, no school Monday, this is how I found the boys iin the back of the van, so cute, I had to get a picture. They are really best buds, I hope they always will be.

Easter Time!!!

We would have liked to do all this on Saturday but we would not have had Tyler with us because he was too busy with church stuff on Friday night and all day Saturday, maybe next year! On Easter morning we let the boys go out one at a time to look for their baskets. Micah went first and found everyone else's basket but his, I had to make a suggestion on where to look and he finally found his. They were all hidden in the living room. Ben came out while Jacob was looking and when Jacob opened the table drawer and found Ben's basket, Ben was there to reap the benefits.
Micah found his in the cabinet.

Jacob found his behind Daddy's huge book.

Ben found his when Jacob opened the table drawer.

Ben didn't waste any time, he went right for his Cadbury carmel egg, mmm. Forget waiting until after lunch right? I guess so.
The Easter Bunny left a bag filled with plastic eggs that had some candy and stretchy lizards and caterpillars in them. Tyler and I quickly hid them in the living room and the boys went on a frenzied search. They are very good at finding hidden eggs and love egg hunts.
Ben spotted one hidden up on the mirror frame.
After church we went to Janie and Rod's house for an early dinner and another egg hunt, and of course, to spend time with family! Peyton was pooped out. Aunt Dara got her a very cute pink bunny and she got the boys chocolate bunnies.

Ben and cousin Hunter absolutely love each other.

Nana Paula with her big boy grandkids, Micah, Benjamin, Hunter and Jacob.
Nana Paula with her Laing Grandkids: Jacob, Benjamin, Peyton and Micah.
The Laings, multiplying like rabbits!
Uncle Hunter! I love this picture of him. He's not the type of guy you would picture wearing fuzzy bunny ears is he?

My sister Lindsay with my nephew Dominic.

The annual egg hunt, hundreds of eggs for 4 kids to hunt. Ben is well on his way, that basket looks like it needs to be unloaded.
Micah is looking up higher, probably keeping his eyes peeled for one of the 2 money eggs (tradition). He ended up finding the $5 egg and Jacob found the $3 egg (because Micah showed him where it was, thanks Micah, you are a very generous brother).
Wow, I sure hope I can stay away from all that candy that's going to come home with them. Jacob's basket is loaded!
Ben is looking too happy.
I think things are winding down now, Jacob and Ben look like they're just about finished.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Aloha! ward activity Elders Quorum Luau

Some may have mentioned how last minute this activity was, but I think that's the only thing one might find to complain about. It was such a fun ward activity. There was great food, fun decorations and fabulous entertainment. The Ramos family did a great job keeping everyone entertained with all of the dancing and Kaipo's mom shared a wonderful story about Joseph F. Smith and his mission to the Hawaiian islands. There were also lots of fun games for the kids going on.

Just so you can see a little bit of the decorations.
Me and my little Mohana!

She is so pretty in her grass skirt, lai and flower headband.

Tyler after his long day full of hard work and now he's running the show!

Jacob and Micah enjoying the great food.

Kaipo holding Peyton while I get to enjoy the dinner. Thank you!!!

The Ramos kids and Chloe Fisher (can you tell which one is not related?).
Iban Ramos and the teachers
Shakin it, I think some of us may have turned a bit red on this part!
Barbara, Kaipo and Kaipo's mom (sorry, I don't know her name!)

Kaipo and Iban Ramos. This was the cutest song and dance about a young couple, the boy keeps trying to get a kiss. So funny. (They are driving in a car here) (he's going for the kiss and she's not giving it.)
(here, at the very end she goes after him and gives him a big one!)
Ben always decides to eat at the very last minute, good thing there was still food left Benji!
Brother Brunsvik loves holding babies and I love how tiny she looks in his arms.