Sunday, March 16, 2008

Scripture Heroes, Leg Wrestling and Stick pulling.

We decided to have some good old fashioned family fun on Sunday after church.

Uncle Bryan got the boys each a different scripture hero for Christmas a few years ago and the boys made them some building out of Legos.

Yes, these are not the most flattering pics of me, I know. I used to always beat Tyler at this game, I could beat most people for that matter. Tyler worked my trash! Mind you, I did have a c-section 2 months ago, and I have not had any exercise in almost 7 months! Yikes, time to hit the gym again!

So, Of course Tyler beat everyone at stick pulling. He let the boys each win, though I think they knew he was letting them win.

Tyler let us all go against him and pull but we still couldn't beat him. I decided to be crafty and put both of my hands together because I thought I'd have more strength that way, well, I was right, but sadly, I didn't think it all the way through and I broke our "stick". It was actually our flag pole, oops!


Coronado's said...

true life pics of the way boys really play (and the added "momma breaking the pole!" hehe)

jennifer said...

Whew! Those were some great action shots. Love the sexy leg pics!

Cassie said...

Looks like your family has lots of fun together.
Off topic - where do/did your kids do karate?

kelly said...

Micah is the only one that does karate. He goes to American Academy of Martial Arts on Clovis Ave. in the Barnyard shopping center. If you want, I can get you a sheet for 2 free weeks to try it out. If you like it you can also get a free uniform with that same sheet.

Cassie said...

That would be great! Thanks