Friday, March 14, 2008

Family Home Evening, The Park, Mutual, Haircuts and Smiles!

Monday night for Family Home Evening Micah read us a story from the Friend about a little boy who gave up his Easter Eggs to two blind children. It was really a good story and the boys seemed to really grasp the lesson behind it. Jacob was asked to pick the song and while he was thinking about it I said that I had a song in mind that would go well with the lesson. He immediately started singing the song I was thinking of. It's the one that starts, "If you don't walk as most people do, some people walk away from you but I won't, I won't." When Jacob learned this song in primary he sang it quite often, he really likes it. Afterward we played games together. While tyler was doing some studying the boys started playing chess together, then we all played "What's Gnu" (a spelling game)and "Uno Spin". It was so much fun, I wish I would have taken some other pictures! It was one of those times I just felt an overwhelming amount of love for my family.

On Wednesday we had our play group, but it was the whole Fresno Play pals Annual Spring Fling. We had it at Oso De Oro, this huge park in Fresno, where we always have it. It is especially cool because it was built to be handicapped accessable. I love it, so do the kids. They had an Easter egg hunt, played a bit and fed the ducks and geese. Unfortunately we had to go a little late because Jacob had to be picked up from school before we left, and Micah had to picked up afterward and it was early release, 2pm. It was very fun though.

Jacob and Ben ready for the egg hunt. I wish you could tell how shiny all those eggs really were, it was beautiful in the sun.

Off they go! Look at Ben running.

Jacob collectede about 3 times as many as Ben. Poor Ben, the bag I gave him was closed pretty tightly and he spent a lot of time trying to get his first egg in the narrow opening before I realized what was wrong.

Jacob's hair looking a bit Bobby Brady ish.

Ben loved just throwing the bread, I don't think he even payed much attention to the ducks and geese eating it. He was just trying to throw it as high over the fence as he could, it just wasn't as fun to drop it through the slats.

Jacob had lots of fun feeding the ducks and geese too. Thankfully my friend Jennifer brought a lot of bread for everyone.

Wednesday night was mutual and Peyton came with me like always. Every 2nd Tuesday of the month we work on Personal Progress. Because there is a play going on, I only had 2 of my girls there, so after we finished with Personal Progress we put the baby on the floor and got a few pictures. This is one of my favorite sleepers she has, I especially like the hat, and of course, it's a hand me down!

On Thursday we had an appointment for haircuts, Jacob and I did anyway. I have always been the one to cut Tyler's hair, and all the boys too. It saves us quite a bit of money. I try to convince Tyler to cut mine but he refuses, that's probably a good thing. I don't want to be too low maintenence! Anyway, Jacob has always been difficult for haircuts. He is afraid of them and it takes 2 people to hold him down. This last time I just let his hair keep on growing because I was dreading having to cut it. Luckily that overgrown, shaggy doo is in right now. Well, my step sister's mom cuts hair. Her name is Janie and she's like family. Janie has her own shop in her house, it's not finished yet, but it's pretty cool. I made an appointment for Jacob and I because Jacob is not afraid of scissors, just clippers. All I can do haircuts with are the clippers. It still took a lot of time and a few bribes to get him in the chair. We even had Benji get a haircut first and he didn't even need one. What a good example for a little brother to set. Ben showed him that it was so easy! Jacob now holds a free pass to play Nintendo on a day when he usually can't (a school day!) When I first waved the free Nintendo pass he didn't bite, it took telling him that he wouldn't get to play on Friday or Saturday either if he didn't get in that chair!

Here is Ben setting an example. He always sits so still for his haircuts and never complains about it.

Afterward Janie even offered them candy. Ben was in heaven, he loves candy.


Doing good Jacob, I am so happy!

She thinned the back out quite a bit with one of those razor combs, Jacob has insanely thick hair.


Aww, Peyton! On Friday I was finally able to capture some smiles on camera, they are coming more often and more easily now. I didn't get any of her open mouthed or her half mouth smiles, maybe next time. I was going to wipe the drool off of her face but I was afraid I wouldn't get the smile after that, so I left it. She is such a good and sweet baby. Her smile makes my day.


Janelle Ehat said...

Kelly she is getting SO BIG! I love that sweet little smile!

Ohio Rasmussen Family said...

You have the most darling children! Your boys are so handsome and they had better watch out someday. I love the new haircut. He looks adorable! I also love Oso de Oro! I miss that park and remember when it first opened. I'll have to take my kids there next time we are in town. The weather looks beautiful there! Ahh...sun...someday we'll get some! :) Peyton is a doll too! I love her sweet smile! You are doing a good job!

The Gage Cage said...

Fun. Fun. I love Peyton's "I Love Daddy" shirt. Jet has a t-shirt that says "My Dad is the Man". He gave it to Paul for fathers Day.