Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Time!!!

We would have liked to do all this on Saturday but we would not have had Tyler with us because he was too busy with church stuff on Friday night and all day Saturday, maybe next year! On Easter morning we let the boys go out one at a time to look for their baskets. Micah went first and found everyone else's basket but his, I had to make a suggestion on where to look and he finally found his. They were all hidden in the living room. Ben came out while Jacob was looking and when Jacob opened the table drawer and found Ben's basket, Ben was there to reap the benefits.
Micah found his in the cabinet.

Jacob found his behind Daddy's huge book.

Ben found his when Jacob opened the table drawer.

Ben didn't waste any time, he went right for his Cadbury carmel egg, mmm. Forget waiting until after lunch right? I guess so.
The Easter Bunny left a bag filled with plastic eggs that had some candy and stretchy lizards and caterpillars in them. Tyler and I quickly hid them in the living room and the boys went on a frenzied search. They are very good at finding hidden eggs and love egg hunts.
Ben spotted one hidden up on the mirror frame.
After church we went to Janie and Rod's house for an early dinner and another egg hunt, and of course, to spend time with family! Peyton was pooped out. Aunt Dara got her a very cute pink bunny and she got the boys chocolate bunnies.

Ben and cousin Hunter absolutely love each other.

Nana Paula with her big boy grandkids, Micah, Benjamin, Hunter and Jacob.
Nana Paula with her Laing Grandkids: Jacob, Benjamin, Peyton and Micah.
The Laings, multiplying like rabbits!
Uncle Hunter! I love this picture of him. He's not the type of guy you would picture wearing fuzzy bunny ears is he?

My sister Lindsay with my nephew Dominic.

The annual egg hunt, hundreds of eggs for 4 kids to hunt. Ben is well on his way, that basket looks like it needs to be unloaded.
Micah is looking up higher, probably keeping his eyes peeled for one of the 2 money eggs (tradition). He ended up finding the $5 egg and Jacob found the $3 egg (because Micah showed him where it was, thanks Micah, you are a very generous brother).
Wow, I sure hope I can stay away from all that candy that's going to come home with them. Jacob's basket is loaded!
Ben is looking too happy.
I think things are winding down now, Jacob and Ben look like they're just about finished.


Cristy said...

I understand about TOO much Easter Candy - I am now making sure everyone who comes to my home takes some with them!! You all look like you had a GREAT Easter! Living near family is the best!

RMCarter said...

That just looks too fun. Can I come next year??? :)

kelly said...

Yes Michelle, actually you can. There are all kinds of random people there that are definately not family. There is always plenty of food too!