Thursday, March 20, 2008

Park Day and Easter Eggs!

We actually made it out of the house today! We borrowed Hannah Martin and brought her to the park with us. Hannah is Jacob's favorite friend. He tells me that he is going to marry Hannah. Hannah is the biggest tomboy I have ever known, and she is beautiful with long thick blond hair, which makes her perfect in Jacob's eyes. She loves to do the same things as Jacob, but she has long pretty hair. He is very smitten with her. While they were playing Legos, he just stopped and watched her for a little while. She likes Jacob quite a bit too, as a friend. I don't think it's as big a deal to her as it is to Jacob.

Hannah Martin and Jacob

Ben has always been pretty freaked out on the swing, but this park trip I think helped get him over his fears. He was very scared and didn't want to go high, like always, but by the end of our visit he was swinging as high as we could push him. Way to conquer your fear Benji!

Hannah is the queen of the monkey bars! She went around and around several times. Micah said, "Hannah, that's really good, I can't even do that! Well, let me see." He was inspired. He couldn't go nearly as long as her, but it was the longest I've ever seen him go on them, good job Micah!

They all played Hogwarts while we were at the park and didn't want to go home because there was no "tower" at home. I wonder if this Olive tree was supposed to be the whomping willow?

Ben really wanted to get up in that tree.

Dying Easter Eggs is one of my favorite things to do. This year I didn't make that many, so there were enough for each of us to only to 2, so I tried to make my 2 really count! Tyler did one and donated the other to Ben. Tyler knows how much I love coloring Easter Eggs, so He took charge of Peyton so I was able to really enjoy it this year. Dying eggs is something I always did with my dad and it was a special thing for us, so I always think of him whenever I color eggs. All the eggs looked great, I think we should do fewer every year, and that way there are less to eat! We love them, but we are all trying to help support Tyler in lowering his cholesterol, we want him around for a very long time!

Getting ready to dye eggs!

daddy (Tyler) quickly working to get his one egg done.

Ben is thinking really hard about what he's going to do with his next egg.

My sweet husband taking care of the baby so I can enjoy this activity.

My favorite egg of my 2.

Micah's eggs, one of them is a world on one side and on the other it's an eyeball.

Jacob's eggs, one of his is an outside scene with grass and a sky.

One of Ben's eggs, it was all scribbled, actually pretty cool.

Aunt Morgan's favorite of hers, pretty flowers all over it, I wish you could see the whole thing.

My silly Jacob was so exhausted he fell asleep in his bed with a Power Ranger on his face! We were up too late dying eggs.


Cristy said...

Oh how fun!!! All those boys must really keep you on your toes!! I love traditions too!!

Becca said...

Love the eggs!! you guys always do so much fun stuff!! Your kiddos are growing up so much. It'll be fun to get together again! We miss you guys!

Cassie said...

What pretty eggs!