Thursday, March 27, 2008

Worth the Wait

After 3 boys that statement is most definatley true! I love my boys and I love the new dynamics of our family and I wouldn't have it any other way. We all love Peyton so much and she is such a blessing and a miracle. I'm sure that Heavenly Father knew exactly what he was doing sending her to us, she was just what we all needed.

March 26, 2008
Peyton is always such a beauty, even when she is crying she has a softness and a sweetness to her. I think she gets tired of all my photo shoots!

March 27, 2008
We surprised Grandma Kay with a visit while Micah and Jacob were at school. I brought my camera along to make sure I got some pictures for Ben and Peyton's Jesus loves me books. (Becca made these books for Micah and Jacob and they just love them, so now I need them for Ben and Peyton. They have pictures of all their family members that say Nana loves Micah, etc. The last page is Jesus and it says Jesus loves Micah, really cute.) Well, Grandma didn't have any makeup on, and she wasn't wearing her wig so she didn't want any pictures of her. I had to lie and tell her I just wanted to get pictures of Peyton smiling. It was so cute. My grandma was really getting lots of adorable smiles out of her and she was talking away to Grandma too. I couldn't pass up the opportunity, I think my Grandma is beautiful no matter what. She has been a huge part of my life since I was a baby, she has been almost like a second mother to me and I want her to be a part of my kids lives as long as possible.

I have been making clips for Me and Peyton, and I have made some for Becca and her girls too (Becca, these are actually yours!). I had a pile of them set aside to mail to Becca, well, Jacob comes up to me and askes me to get the camera and take a picture of him and ben. I turn around and they've both got white flower clips in their hair. I thought it was adorable. Even funnier is that when I was taking this picture Tyler walked in the door, home a little early from work. He never thinks these things are as cute as I do, or even cute at all!

That night I was in charge of making dinner at my parents house. The boys were all playing Hogwarts in the back yard. Mind you, my parents backyard is mostly all pool. I knew, I just knew, that one of them was going to fall in the pool. My mom and I are very careful about keeping an eye on them while they are near the pool. Micah and Jacob are very good swimmers, but you never know, and Ben thinks he can swim, very scary. Anyway, my mom went to change Peyton, so my sister and I were both keeping our eyes on them. Earlier my sister told the big boys to run and get us if anyone fell in the pool, just to cover the bases. So, I had just checked on them and quickly did something and then looked back up again and saw Ben in the pool hanging onto the edge. It actually took a moment to register. It would have looked so normal, had it been summer! As I was running to him Micah was running to us yelling, "Ben fell in the pool." He is so responsible, great job Micah! Ben was very calm and I lifted him out and started to strip him when I thought of the camera. I grabbed it and got this photo. I told him what a good job he did getting to the edge and grabbing on. His head never even went under!

He was wearing superman pajamas and his camo crocks, cute huh? He always pics out those silly shoes whenever I let him pick his shoes. It's either those, or church shoes!

I like to prop Peyton up and sit in front of her and just talk to her and smile at her. This makes her very happy and she rewards me with the cutest smiles and coos. I love being a mommy!

Look at those cheeks and chins!


The Metler Family said...

Peyton is sooo cute! Doesn't it feel like you're playing dress up after having all boys?? I love the pic of the boys with flowers in their hair - my husband wouldn't think that was funny either - but it's so cute!!

RMCarter said...

I'd say she was worth the wait! :) What a doll!

The Gage Cage said...

I love the pic of the boys in their flowers. Did you make those? GREAT JOB! They are beautiful!

kelly said...

I did make those flowers, they are actually Becca's! I need to get some more flowers so I can make some fun ones. I need to build my collection!

Janelle Ehat said...

K those pictures of Peyton fussing are SOOOOOO cute!!! Oh my goodness! Job well done my friend!

Cristy said...

I love the pics! The boys wearing flowers and your little one all soaked was priceless. I also love all the pics with Peyton. It's fun to see her change. Great Post!