Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My first crop!

If I can even refer to it as that! Our garden is looking very sad as I have cut every last pumkin from it and our watermelons are extremely puny. I have every single pumkin we grew sittinf on our front porch! Not as crazy as it sounds since there are only seven and six of them are very little. I have learned a few things about gardening and am hoping for a better and bigger crop next year. I am just very happy that we each have a pumkin and there is one giant pumkin.
Anyone recognize the Witches hat from a super Saturday a few years back? It is among my very favorite SS items. I love how it looks with the paint colors on my door.
The boys, namely Micah, were so excited to carve our pumpkins, I think the little ones are too small and the giant one is too daunting for me. I always seem to be the one that ends up cleaning them out! How does that happen?

Benji, the cutest pumkin in the patch!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My $5 find

Last Saturday after dropping the kids off at a primary activity a yard sale sucked me in on my way home. I had already spent too much money this month, so I told myself I'd just drive by and take a glance. Something told me I should and the last time this happened I found tons of great Barbie things for myself, I mean Peyton, for very little money. So, I obeyed. And this is what I saw...
Yes, I know it looks bad, but I saw the true potential in it. I got out and took a closer look and tested the drawers and found her in sound condition, just needing some TLC, sanding and a coat of paint (leftover from P's furniture). I probably would have shelled out $20 for this beauty even though I really shouldn't have. I asked the woman how much they wanted for it, she replied, "$5?" Seriously? I tried not to shout out, "YES!" too quickly. I also found two partially dressed GI Joes and a little girl Barbie with blond and red hair, I got those three for $1.

I quickly got to work on my "new" desk so I could get my Grandma's sewing machine off the kitchen table. Tyler is very pleased and now our front room looks even more of a mish mash of stuff, playroom/exercise room/office/sewing room. Anyway, the machine is on loan till the middle of December and I guess I'm hoping she'll cave and let me use it longer since I have made more permanent arrangements for it! It's a slightly older PFAFF, though not nearly as ancient as mine and it does all kinds of handy things and it doesn't have constant tension issues like my machine does. I thought I didn't like sewing but I've discovered that I love it when I have a machine that actually works like it should!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

An easier way to nurse...

Right through the belly button! Good thing she's got an outie huh?
My little sister nursed her baby for the first little bit and apparently Miss P was paying some attention, just not too much since she seems to think this is corrrect. If you ask her where she feeds her babies she'll lift her shirt up a bit and point right at her belly button.
Miss P loves babies of all kinds, real, fake and very old, uglie, scary looking dolls too. She is very girlie, notice the nails? She got my polish out and brought it to me requesting I do her nails. Afterward she said, "Pretty Mommy?"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The haps

Life has been busy lately. Today I am home from church with a sick baby. Miss P has a cough, it's occasional but sounds awful, very croup like, and her breathing sounds yucky. She seems herself and has been playing all morning but we thought it wise not to have her around other children. Christmas preparations have taken over a majority of my time, this year we made the decision to spend as little money as possible, which means spending more time and putting more thought into our gifts. When I am not making Christmas gifts, I am spending time with the kids and trying to stay on top of the laundry and meals. If any of you think my house is always clean you should see it now, it isn't. I wish I could post some pictures of my latest projects, but they are mostly Christmas gifts, so it'll have to wait. I did finish a Barbie kitchen and it looks awesome. I made a beaded chandelier for it (which does not light) and tiled it with sample tiles from Terra Olsen (thanks Terra!) I'll try to get pics of that soon. Anyway, I am really enjoying sewing and crafting and Tyler is sick of the machine being on the kitchen table, but seeing as it is in constant use I just can't put it away. Yesterday when I was on my way home from taking the kids to a primary activity I happened upon a yard sale and found a perfect little desk for my sewing needs. It is in desperate need of a sanding and painting makeover, but it will be perfect. I knew I couldn't fork over even $20 for it, but I probably would have. I asked how much they wanted and they said $5! I took it, I kind of feel guilty though. I am going to start on that project tomorrow if I can find some sand paper for my little mouse sander. I will get before and after pics this time! Oh, this past week I also had the Jefferey kids all week while their parents were in Vegas, so I was taking kids to and from school all week which I am not used to. I have gotten spoiled having kids that ride bikes! Anyhow, that's what's been going on here, for the most part. Hopefully I'll have some project pictures up soon!

Monday, October 5, 2009

My Barbie car chop shop

Yes folks, a Barbie car can be stripped. There were a few who thought I was a little crazy and they're probably right, but I'm glad I am. One of my old Beehive girls, Wendy Freeman, gave me their family's old Barbie car, Limo to be exact. It even has a hot tub in the back! It was in pretty good shape too, just the stickers were looking a little worse for wear. Although I'm a huge fan of pink (it is my favorite color) I prefer Barbie stuff to have a more realistic look, always have. All of the kids were very excited to have a Barbie car and the boys were overjoyed that it was no longer going to be pink (not a very boyish color). I really didn't have any idea how much I still love Barbie stuff until I started making the Barbie house, now I can't stop with the Barbie stuff, it is so much fun. I feel like I am making all those childhood wishes and dreams come true, you know, the stuff I always wished I had but never did? Well, I'm glad P likes the Barbies cause here they come! The boys are having a blast too. Micah has requested a Ken doll for himself and one for each of his brothers, you know, so they can play with their sister like they said they would since she has no sisters to play dolls and Barbies with. They are so sweet, but I know they like it as much for themselves too.

Above and below are before pictures

Here is a before picture top view. The boys want me to put the tv and shelf stickers back on that you see in the back seat area. They did peel off nicely and I put them on wax paper, so I might put them back in.
This picture below is after I removed all the stickers and wheels and scrubbed it and covered the interior with plastic wrap and packing tape.

This is another view from above

I asked Ty to pick up some silver spray paint made for plastic when he went to the hardware store. he didn't find any silver, so I had him get black. I actually really like the black, looks like a true limo.

I do want to add some "lights" and plates, but even without, it's a pretty sweet ride.

Thank you Freeman family, this car will be used and loved by all!