Sunday, October 18, 2009

The haps

Life has been busy lately. Today I am home from church with a sick baby. Miss P has a cough, it's occasional but sounds awful, very croup like, and her breathing sounds yucky. She seems herself and has been playing all morning but we thought it wise not to have her around other children. Christmas preparations have taken over a majority of my time, this year we made the decision to spend as little money as possible, which means spending more time and putting more thought into our gifts. When I am not making Christmas gifts, I am spending time with the kids and trying to stay on top of the laundry and meals. If any of you think my house is always clean you should see it now, it isn't. I wish I could post some pictures of my latest projects, but they are mostly Christmas gifts, so it'll have to wait. I did finish a Barbie kitchen and it looks awesome. I made a beaded chandelier for it (which does not light) and tiled it with sample tiles from Terra Olsen (thanks Terra!) I'll try to get pics of that soon. Anyway, I am really enjoying sewing and crafting and Tyler is sick of the machine being on the kitchen table, but seeing as it is in constant use I just can't put it away. Yesterday when I was on my way home from taking the kids to a primary activity I happened upon a yard sale and found a perfect little desk for my sewing needs. It is in desperate need of a sanding and painting makeover, but it will be perfect. I knew I couldn't fork over even $20 for it, but I probably would have. I asked how much they wanted and they said $5! I took it, I kind of feel guilty though. I am going to start on that project tomorrow if I can find some sand paper for my little mouse sander. I will get before and after pics this time! Oh, this past week I also had the Jefferey kids all week while their parents were in Vegas, so I was taking kids to and from school all week which I am not used to. I have gotten spoiled having kids that ride bikes! Anyhow, that's what's been going on here, for the most part. Hopefully I'll have some project pictures up soon!


Bryan and Helga said...

Wow!! You sound busy! I'm excited to see all of your fun projects! :) You are so talented! I love seeing what else you come up with!

I hope Payton starts feeling better! It breaks my heart when babies are sick. I don't think it's fair. I think they shouldn't have to feel yucky!

I would absolutely love to take some pictures for you guys next time we come out! I'll plan on bringing out my camera! That will be fun! :) We love and miss you guys! xoxo

Robin said...

My little niece has the swine flu, but she had some breathing treatments yesterday and a nebulizer all night and seems to be better today !!! Take care of Miss P, I too cannot stand little ones to be sick !!! You all are in our prayers !!!

P.S. missed you on Friday for the card class. The Photshop class is this Friday !!!@ Shelly's

Yasmine said...

You're so lucky you have the TALENT to make gifts. I don't know how to make anything!