Sunday, March 25, 2012

A is for airplane!

About a month and a half ago Peyton and I embarked on a new adventure with a few other mom's and their kids. We have begun preschool! It is an awesome group of moms who I am delighted to have teaching my daughter. I get to teach my own little girl and her friends, but I also have 5 other moms to share the burden with. My friend Barbara already had a curriculum set up from doing preschool elsewhere and we decided to just jump in and follow it. This last week we started over at the beginning of the Alphabet with letter A and an airplane theme (we also have color, number and shape as well). Sandy Humann, one of the other moms, set up this amazing field trip to Chandler Airport. We got to look at her father in law's plane and see the parts of the plane that the kids had learned about the day before. We also got to ride in the airplane, a little four seater. It was so much fun! Peyton and I were in the group that went up first along with Connor Linford. They were so cute the whole time. Connor kept saying, "Roger that" and Peyton was just commenting here and there about the things she saw, her little voice so quiet I didn't catch what she was saying. They were both grinning from ear to ear though. What a great experience for such young children! When we were back on the ground watching the other kids get their turns Peyton told me that she wanted to go back up, I guess 20 minutes was just not enough for her.