Sunday, March 21, 2010


Poor Micah got his mom's huge teeth. Poor Mom and Dad get the ortho bill. At the end of February Micah entered Phase one of his orthodonture and was fitted with a bottom retainer (that I crank wider 2 times a week) to help widen his bottom teeth. Next month he will get something similar on the top.
He has a great orthodontist who is close to home. Ironically, he is someone that my Older sister dated in high school. I had thought he looked really familiar and then he told me where he grew up and what high school he went to and then it clicked. Small world.
Here Micah is getting the details on how to wear and care for his retainer. I am glad that Micah is a very responsible kid and we should not ever have to purchase another one of these!
Here is is wearing the retainer, you can't even see it. I'm sure there will be more posts to follow on Micah's orthodonture!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Her Funny Faces

Sometimes nothing I do will get her to pose, and sometimes, she says, "Mommy, get the camera!"

This last one is my favorite.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

They really love each other

When I was going through m pictures trying to decide on what post to do next and I came across all of the following I instantly thought about my Aunt Jan and how she would always do things with me and make me feel so special. I know without a doubt that my sister and Peyton share something much like that, maybe even more so because my sister is around so much. Morgan is like a second mother to Peyton and I'm glad she has someone like that.
My parents are coming home from China today where they have spent the last 10 days. Morgan is not one who likes to be alone, ever, so she has spent most of her time here, sleeping in P's room with her.

Lucky girl, getting a mani-pedi, why does she never sit so still for mommy?!
Out on the tramp, with very clean hair, which Aunt Mo did for her, after giving her a bath.
Peyton loves jumping on the trampoline, especially when she's not alone.

Whenever Peyton can get out the front door this is the corner of the yard she likes to occupy, and back by our side gate and along the edge of our neighbors yard. I'll ask her to come in or what she's doing and she tells me, "Go inside mommy!" I guess she likes a little alone time like her mother.
Aunt Mo straigtened her hair while I was gone and I came home to a completely different child! I thought it looked adorable, but disturbing, she looked older without all the little ringlets I'm so used to seeing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

VERY cute apron (in my humble opinion)

Well, it is most definately time for another post. I haven't felt like taking the time to blog lately and was thinking I didn't really have much to blog about, until tonight. I took a picture wearing the apron I just made for a prize for my friends baby shower on Saturday. I thought, hey, I can blog this! So I uploaded my pictures from my camera and was a little amazed at how much I actually have to blog about. I thought that not much more was going on than some deep cleaning and decluttering around my house, but we've been up to more than I realized, so, if I can get my act together, I'll blog more often the next few weeks.

On a sad note, and before you get to see the cute apron, my Grandpa Frank passed away on Saturday. We knew it was coming, he had a stroke just before Christmas and then in February found he had a quick growing cancerous tumor in his lungs. My grandma is now living alone and that makes me sad, so I will try to visit her with my kids often, hopefully not so often we bug her! His funeral will be this Saturday morning.
And here is the apron. My friend Stefanie Adams brought me all the fabric and trim and I wasn't very excited to make a 5th apron. I ended up really enjoying it though, funny how some beautiful fabric can make sewing somthing so much better.