Sunday, March 21, 2010


Poor Micah got his mom's huge teeth. Poor Mom and Dad get the ortho bill. At the end of February Micah entered Phase one of his orthodonture and was fitted with a bottom retainer (that I crank wider 2 times a week) to help widen his bottom teeth. Next month he will get something similar on the top.
He has a great orthodontist who is close to home. Ironically, he is someone that my Older sister dated in high school. I had thought he looked really familiar and then he told me where he grew up and what high school he went to and then it clicked. Small world.
Here Micah is getting the details on how to wear and care for his retainer. I am glad that Micah is a very responsible kid and we should not ever have to purchase another one of these!
Here is is wearing the retainer, you can't even see it. I'm sure there will be more posts to follow on Micah's orthodonture!


Melissa said...

Hey! We have the same orthodontist! Cobi goes in this week to get fitted with a similar appliance. It seems so much easier than the braces I wore as a kid.

Jill said...

Micah's really starting young. I'm trying to recognize his orthodontist, but I guess I don't know him.