Sunday, March 7, 2010

They really love each other

When I was going through m pictures trying to decide on what post to do next and I came across all of the following I instantly thought about my Aunt Jan and how she would always do things with me and make me feel so special. I know without a doubt that my sister and Peyton share something much like that, maybe even more so because my sister is around so much. Morgan is like a second mother to Peyton and I'm glad she has someone like that.
My parents are coming home from China today where they have spent the last 10 days. Morgan is not one who likes to be alone, ever, so she has spent most of her time here, sleeping in P's room with her.

Lucky girl, getting a mani-pedi, why does she never sit so still for mommy?!
Out on the tramp, with very clean hair, which Aunt Mo did for her, after giving her a bath.
Peyton loves jumping on the trampoline, especially when she's not alone.

Whenever Peyton can get out the front door this is the corner of the yard she likes to occupy, and back by our side gate and along the edge of our neighbors yard. I'll ask her to come in or what she's doing and she tells me, "Go inside mommy!" I guess she likes a little alone time like her mother.
Aunt Mo straigtened her hair while I was gone and I came home to a completely different child! I thought it looked adorable, but disturbing, she looked older without all the little ringlets I'm so used to seeing.


Scrapally said...

Such fun! I am just getting to know Morgan but I think she is a very cute and fun girl. you and Peyton are both blessed to have her with you so much! I could use a lot more alone time..I never get any! Go miss P! :)

Krissy said...

She is so adorable. Peyton is so lucky to have such a fun aunt.

Luna said...

She does look so much older with her hair straightened. But it does look pretty cute. I bet she loves getting to do so much glam stuff With Aunt M.

Jill said...

The more people who love our children the better! Aunt Morgan and Peyton will probably always be close. So sweet.

Wynn Family said...

So lucky to have family around!!!! I loved the apron and the pink pancakes. Great idea!!!