Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fertility and my "procedure"

Well, it is something typically done for women being treated for infertility. They insert a small catheter, or tube, past your cervix and inject a dye. After the dye is sucessfully injected they take several x-ray type snapshots of the pelvic region to determine if the fallopian tubes are blocked. In my case I actually want them to be blocked. After several long, gruelling minutes and many times readjusting the speculum, the doctor was finally able to get the catherter in. Aparently my uterus is tilted. So, the first picture they took I could see that there were 2 clamps, one on either side, just as there should be. After the dye was injected I could see that the right tube was blocked by the clamp, perfect. That was the one he knew he got. I then looked over to the left clamp and saw the dye stop there, momentarily, before there was a little burst of dye on the other end. Unsucessful! One side will just not do. What next you ask? Not sure, any suggestions?


Coronado Clan said...

ask the dr for a refund! hehe yah i don't know what i'd do. i'm still scared to death that when i get my tubes tied it wouldn't work and we'd end up with more boys than i could handle

Cristy said...

Pray! ;)

RMCarter said...

I've had that procedure, and I am also a bit "tilted". After it was in, I scooted back onto the table and I popped the balloon! So he had to put it in again! It was tramatic.

I'm not sure what I would do! :( You would have to be put under again to fix it, right? What does the doc say?