Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dart Tag

Ok, so I am planning on blogging sometime at the end of the week. So much has been going on and I have been getting lots of pictures since Sunday. I felt like I really needed to get on here and get a few things down though. We had play group at our house today which was a huge feat for me, if you know me, you know how anal I am. Before I ever have people over I clean the house from top to bottom, not anymore, I am over that, or trying really hard anyway. I didn't do any cleaning, except...Last night one of my casserole dishes slid off the counter and shattered into a million pieces. Inside I think I was almost glad, because that gave me a reason to have to sweep and vacuum and mop the kitchen floor, and since I was already doing that, I might as well vacuum the rest of the house and mop the entry way! Anyway, there were a ton of kids here, most of our playgroup showed up and since it's spring break all the bigger kids were here too. It went really well, no problems, but of course all the toys that could be anywhere but where they go, were. This is not why I'm blogging though. The kids were playing Nintendo while I was trying to sort through the rubbish of toys strewn all about when 2 of the neighbor boys came by. Garrett and Sam. They are both 6th graders, or Garrett might be a 7th grader, not sure. They are really good kids with nice families though. They came by to see if the kids could play. They do this fairly often and I love it. It gets my kids outside running around and I think it's very sweet that they play with my little boys like there is no age difference between them. I hope my neighbors don't mind too much that I let my 7 and 5 year old boys be responsible for their 2 year old brother (he is almost 3 though) So, I noticed that the last few days they are playing together more often, I am pretty sure it's due to our dart tag stuff. We have had 5 guns complete with velcro darts (tons of them) and vests the darts stick to with targets on them and some pretty cool glasses too for quite a while. Well, if you know how anal I am/was I never let them play with them outside, and rarely inside, I guess for fear some of the hundreds of darts get lost. Ok, yeah, so what if all the darts get lost, they are having so much fun with them, we can buy more, right? So, they have been playing dart tag with the neighbor boys for the last few days and having a blast and yes, losing some of the darts, oh well. They may find one outside somewhere months or years from now and say, "Gosh, remember all that fun we had? I didn't take a picture, that happens, we don't have to have a picture to go with every blog, do we?


Coronado Clan said...

that's totally something i am trying to get better at myself. (well not with darts, but ya know what i mean) the people who owned our house before us had 2 older boys and we've found the most random things buried around the yard.. decapitated barbie dolls with amputated legs, plastic baseballs, neon colored marbles... i'm sure it will make for good stories when your guys find stuff years from now! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!! Love the blog!! Hope all is well!