Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patricks Day!

Monday was one of our busiest days in a long time. Every year I make the kids a green breakfast on St. Patricks Day. I have been doing this since Micah was 2 years old and the kids love it and they never let me get away without doing it. Peyton cried most of the time I was fixing breakfast, in her crib. I finally couldn't take it anymore and went to rescue her, leaving the last 2 pancakes cooking in the pan. The heat was low enough that they didn't burn, so Micah and Jacob each had one, but Jacob did inform me that they weren't as good and that they were crispy. They did have a pretty cool look to them though, almost like a cratered planet or something. After breakfast I made my first major grocery shopping trip with all four kids. We have done quick runs to the grocery store and Target and Wal Mart, but this was major. I spent almost 2 hours shopping at Winco. Micah had to help me out and push the cart a few times because Peyton decided that she needed to be held. I'm still working on getting that girl to take a pacifier (Krista, I don't know how you did it the other night, you must have the touh!). It wasn't a horrble experience and I'll definately do it again sometime, but I still hate grocery shopping. How I managed to go more than 2 months without a bigger trip I'll never know, must have been a blessing from above! After that I made a green dinner, that's a first and last. Tyler hates eating things that are the wrong color (he refused to have green milk, so he and I went for nice clear water) and I think overall it was just too much green coloring! It tasted great, but I really don't want to change anymore green poopy diapers!

Me with my pancake batter!

The breakfast; Pancakes, Eggs, Toast and Milk. Enjoy!

Micah and Jacob chowing down, the green color doesn't hurt their appetite!

Ben loves it too!

Planet Cakes.

This is where Peyton hangs for most of our meals.

Jacob likes to put the groceries on the conveyor belt.

Ben likes to help with anything he can!

Micah, hmmm. He likes to do what he likes to do!

Our Green Dinner; Almond Flour Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans!

Our Dessert; Lime Jello and Wild Strawberry Jello topped with green Cool Whip!


Becca said...

You are so cute Kelly!! We were lucky to all wear green, I didn't even get around to making any cool green food. Your awesome!

Ohio Rasmussen Family said...

Nice job Kelly! You are amazing!!! I am a lame mom and didn't think to do anything this year! The breakfast, the dinner...WOW! Very nice job and good job braving the grocery store. If anyone knows what it is like with all four, I do!! You did it!! I love all your pictures. I need to take some "grocery store pictures" sometime. You have some great helpers!

RMCarter said...

All that green food will be awesome memories for the kids for years to come. It all looked great, although, I would have had a bit of trouble getting those green eggs down...Ahhh, to be a kid again...