Sunday, March 23, 2008


I have always hated the game of Scrabble. Sadly it is one of Tyler's favorite games. We had one cheapy scrabble game and Tyler played it a few times, not with me, and then when my Grandpa died we inherited their very old, but very cool Scrabble. For Christmas, LeGrand and Becca got us a nice new game. On the night of Easter Sunday, we were at Tyler's parents house and Dad pulled out the travel version we had got him. Ugh, that was my first thought. I decided to just try it out again, poor Ty, he loves this game. I need to make a better effort, right? So, I joined in the game. It was Tyler, Dad, Brent and Myself playing, Mom hates the game too. So, I must say, I actually enjoyed myself and will definately be playing it again. I did come in last place, with Tyler winning, of course, but I wasn't very far behind dad, do, I'm sure, with some practice I'll do much better. It was, I believe, my first time ever finishing a game.

My words, Prose, Ruby, Motley, Nick, Dare, and Can, I think that's it.

Tyler, the winner of the game, and Jacob, who at one point was his partner. Micah was my partner at one point, he is the one that came up with the word Ruby. He had a few other great words, but by the time it came our turn, the spot was taken. He is going to be a great Scrabble player though.

Micah and Jacob were so tired from the days activities. When we arrived home, pretty late, no school Monday, this is how I found the boys iin the back of the van, so cute, I had to get a picture. They are really best buds, I hope they always will be.


Cassie said...

I'm not very good at Scrabble myself. I love other board games, though.

Stefanie said...

Ok I have recently gotten into Scrabble again. I swear Chris would play with me because I love it when we were first dating but he says he never liked playing and won't play with me know :( So if Tyler wants to play I'm game.