Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg hunt at our friends' house!

You can never have too many egg hunts, can you? Our friends Dave and Melissa had a bunch of kids over with their parents for an Easter Egg hunt. There were more than 250 eggs for the kids to find. There were also 3 big prize eggs, one with $5 and two with $1. The $5 egg was the hardest to find and the kids went round and round the yard looking for it, there were a few older kids that I was sure would be the ones to find it, but I was wrong. Guess who found the egg... Jacob of course! He is always finding lost articles at home. Whenever I can't find something I always go to Jacob for help.

Maddie, Brooklynn, Tyson, Angelina, Braden and Ben, gathering the easy eggs.

Jacob, Cobi and Ben

Micah is too busy to pause for a picture.

Ben wants to play but he can't put his basket down for fear someone will take his goodies!

This is Jacob with his grand prize egg. It was completely hidden in the lemon tree under the leaves! Way to go Jacob!!!

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