Saturday, March 22, 2008

Aloha! ward activity Elders Quorum Luau

Some may have mentioned how last minute this activity was, but I think that's the only thing one might find to complain about. It was such a fun ward activity. There was great food, fun decorations and fabulous entertainment. The Ramos family did a great job keeping everyone entertained with all of the dancing and Kaipo's mom shared a wonderful story about Joseph F. Smith and his mission to the Hawaiian islands. There were also lots of fun games for the kids going on.

Just so you can see a little bit of the decorations.
Me and my little Mohana!

She is so pretty in her grass skirt, lai and flower headband.

Tyler after his long day full of hard work and now he's running the show!

Jacob and Micah enjoying the great food.

Kaipo holding Peyton while I get to enjoy the dinner. Thank you!!!

The Ramos kids and Chloe Fisher (can you tell which one is not related?).
Iban Ramos and the teachers
Shakin it, I think some of us may have turned a bit red on this part!
Barbara, Kaipo and Kaipo's mom (sorry, I don't know her name!)

Kaipo and Iban Ramos. This was the cutest song and dance about a young couple, the boy keeps trying to get a kiss. So funny. (They are driving in a car here) (he's going for the kiss and she's not giving it.)
(here, at the very end she goes after him and gives him a big one!)
Ben always decides to eat at the very last minute, good thing there was still food left Benji!
Brother Brunsvik loves holding babies and I love how tiny she looks in his arms.


jennifer said...

your luau looked very fun! we've never had a ward activity like that before. who did the decor? kelly? very very cute.

jennifer said...

oh yes, and about the piano lessons... i don't have any students right now, but i have taught before. call me if you're interested and we can talk specifics.

The Gage Cage said...

What a fun activity! Kaipo is such a knock out! I love that gorgeous girl! I don't know about that kissing pic though. We are a pretty consecrative church.;-0 Ha! Anyway, it's fun to visit your blog. Thanks for sharing the pics. One last thing. i hate to rub it in, but, Kaipo is moving into my ward pretty soon. You better enjoy her while you have her.

Pollock Family said...

What a beautiful island princess you have:)