Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stay at home mom.

That is pretty much exactly what I was today. We just hung out at home not worrying about much of anything. I let the kids play too many video games. Ben made a huge mess of the playroom. Peyton slept half the day away

and Jacob took Diego prisoner in Ben's pirate ship. Poor Diego. He was a good sport though. Ben let him escape before I got the picture and Jacob was in tears. My mom had stopped by though and she helped retrieve Diego from under me and Tyler's bed so we could hold him captive just long enough to get a few pictures. Once he was finally released I told him what a good dog he was and he came out with his tail wagging.

That night I went to mutual where a total of 2 girls showed up, so I got to sit and chat with the other leaders. After that I went Kritsa Gage's to make flower clips for Peyton. I had a lot of fun learning a new craft and visiting. I also got sent home with a huge bag of hand me downs which I love, THANKS KRISTA! Some I can wear now and the rest I am aspiring to!


The Gage Cage said...

I'm glad you have a few things for now with out spending any money. You are a pleasure to be with. Thanks for coming and hanging out with me and a few friends.

Coronado's said...

lol that's funny about diego. that's something that would totally happen at our house if we had a dog. aaahhh.... something about baby feet is soo cute. i love it! you're so lucky for have a little girl. ain't nothing pink over here... oh wait a minute, i think the bottle brush is because that's the only one the DH could find. =)

James & Kresta said...

It was nice meeting you! You have a beautiful family! I hope we can meet up again sometime.

Becca said...

Ok, You have to teach me how to make those clips. Could you post some pictures so I can see the back of them....Thanks, I love seeing and making cute girl things!!!