Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Peyton is 2 months!

Aunt Morgan and "Aunt" Janie found a cute summer dress for Peyton and wanted to bring it by. I think they really just wanted to see Peyton!

Aunt Morgan, My little sister and Peyton.

"Aunt" Janie, my mom's ex-husband's ex wife (my step sister's mom and a part of the family!)and Peyton.

Time does go by so quickly. I tried to get a really cute picture of Peyton and she just wasn't into the whole photo session thing.

"Mom, this is probably the best you'll get from me right now."

"I'm really getting bored, this is about the 20th picture you've taken of me, won't one of them do?"

"Ok, that's it, I'm done, I've had it, pick me up and take care of me NOW!"


The Gage Cage said...

Got to love those crying pics. Peyton is a doll. i love her little pink and green outfit. You obviously appreciate finally getting a daughter. I can see you are making the most of it. Pink car seat, cute blankets, hair bows and all. Good Job Kelly!

Becca said...

Oh I can't wait to hold her. She's adorable. I understand what you mean about people coming over with another excuse, but I know that they realy just want to get loves on Kolby! It's understandable when our babies are soooo cute ;) Love you guys!!

RMCarter said...

She is a doll - even when she's crying! :)

Coronado's said...

first off i've gotta say that's the is the biggest pink bow i've ever seen (not in a bad way), but it doesn't even matter because she's is sooo beautiful. it's crazy how fast they grow up. can you believe she's already 2 months old?