Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Island!

August 15, 2008 Friday

We went to The Island waterpark with my mom and my little sister. We all had lots of fun. The boys have been wanting to go to the waterpark all summer. We had passes last year to Wild Water, so it was kind of a let down to them to not go all summer. None of us had ever been to The Island except mom and Morgan, so we wanted to check it out. It was very cool. Peyton had a few rought times when she was tired but she did fine. A general favorite of all of ours was the lazy river. It was so fun to just swim along or against the current. Micah and I went on some of the more adult rides and he surprised me. There was one that was so long and steep that I freaked out a little (my body kind of left the slide on the way down!) He didn't seem at all scared, I guess I have a ride buddy now! We have so many cute pictures, but I'll try to just pick a few.

Getting sunscreened for the day. My serious baby girl.
Nana's helping with the sunscreening too, 4 kids and 3 adults take a while to sunscreen.
Ben posing on the spewing turtle.
Aunt Morgan, Nana, Jacob and Ben taking refuge from the huge dumping bucket.
Ben and Micah on the crab slide.

My 3 sons
Ben and Jacob posing so nicely for mommy.

Time to go!

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Cassie said...

We've been to Wild Water once and never to Islands. Which is better for little ones?