Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November is here! segment 15, 16 and 17

Oh my, I had a feeling this might happen. Things are busy and it's hard to get to the computer everyday, and sometimes it just doesn't happen.

So, I am thankful for computers, very thankful. I am also thankful for my time away from the computer. I am thankful for digital cameras and video cameras and journals and blogs and all things that can record our history.

Tonight at scouts I found out why the church was empty last Wednesday when it was time for scouts. I thought we just didn't have scouts since it was a holiday (Veteran's Day). Nope, there was scouts, it was in the morning, the scouts had an opportunity to be in a Veteran's Day parade and earn a really cool, big patch. We somehow didn't know this, I guess it's because Micah went to Bears from Wolfs and the old den leader didn't tell him probably because she thought the new one would, and vise versa. I don't know. Anyhow, I am thankful that when Micah learned this tonight at pack meeting he didn't freak out. He tends to freak out about things like that. I know it really bothered him though because he had to come up with all the reasons why it was good that we didn't know. He tends to do this with things he knows there is no way of making up for. He says it was good we didn't know because a lot of the kids said it was tiring walking in the parade and he wouldn't want his legs getting tired, right. Poor kid. I am thankful though that there wasn't even a hint of a scene made.

Lastly, for now...I am thankful to have a husband that is putting left over dinner away and making the boys lunches for tomorrow. He may be feeling a bit bad about me being on my own more often, it may be because our anniversary is on Friday (10 years), or it may just be because he's awesome. I don't know, but whatever the reason, I'm taking it.

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Jill said...

Sounds like Micah is learning his attitude from you. You look for the good, and now so does he. What goes around comes around, right?