Friday, November 6, 2009

November is here! segment 6

Tonight what I am most grateful for is my bed! I cannot tell you how incredibly tired I am. I slept horribly last night. It took me way too long to fall asleep and because of the time change, which is still messing me up, I can't sleep past 6 am, so, when you go to sleep at 2am, 5:30 am is way to early to wake up!

ok, I must say, I am very thankful for my miscellaneous craft supplies that allow me to be creative and make things for little or no money. This is my latest holiday decor project and I'm planning on doing something similar for Christmas so...IF YOU HAVE ANY GOOD IDEAS FOR WORDS LET ME KNOW! I'm thinking I'll for sure do one that says "believe".
I start with 2x4 scraps and cut them to the desired length and then sand them with my electric sander, Then I paint them.
After that I put the word in my chosen font printed from the computer on top of transfer paper and trace over it.

This is how it looks after
Then I paint the words in a contrasting color, I didn't take a picture of the final result, but I distress the edges with my sander and that's it. The look cute stacked on a shelf or hanging on a wall, or just by themselves.
I am also thankful for this cute, sweet, funny little girl. I played Barbies with her tonight. She was my mom's old Ken and I was Barbie. She makes them talk now and it is too cute. Family came over for cake and ice cream for Micah's birthday tonight and Micah's best friend Colton came too and is spending the night. It was a great night and I'm thankful to have so many of our family here close to us.
Just look at that smile!


Robin said...

I love her smile too !!! She hasn't shared it with me personally yet, cuz I'm that crazy lady, but I'm waiting for the day she shares it with me !! Maybe if I give her a Barbie?? hmmmm

Scrapally said...

I am going to do a thankful post about my craft stuff too! :) I have to get one of them done before I do it so I can have a picture! Your blocks are darling! There is a vinyl lettering blog on my bloglist, click on it and you will see some darling christmas ones. Have fun with barbie!