Monday, November 2, 2009

November is here! segment 2

It's not yet midnight, so I'm still keeping up on my challenge!

I am thankful that I have a patient grandmother that taught me to sew at a young age and let me use scissors at age 2. I am also thankful that she has a huge supply of sewing stuff and gives me fabric even when I don't ask for it! I can't leave out that I'm thankful for the clearance tables and discounted fabrics at any given store, and my castaway clothing that can be remade into Barbie clothes, doll clothes and little girls clothes.
I'm very thankful for a sister that has finally become my friend. I'm thankful that I get to see her most days of the week and that she still changes poopy diapers and wipes snotty noses and helps with my kids even though she has a new baby of her own.
This may sound silly to some, but I'm thankful that I finally got a picture with all 4 of my kids in it, all 4 smiling, all 4 looking at the camera, amazing!
Lastly, for today, I am thankful I let my husband talk me into digital scrapbooking. I am thankful I can get something productive, worthwhile and creative done without making a mess and without spending any money. Oh yes, and I'm thankful to have 4 beautiful and funny children that give me an endless amount of material to scrapbook!!!


Robin said...

Oh my snot is too funny !!!! You have the cutest kiddos !! I am praying Miss P is feeling better !! Love you all

Grandmotherfairy said...

Sweet post Kelly. We are so excited to have Tyler in the bishopric...what a blessing!

Scrapally said...

We love your family! It was really nice to meet your sister last night. The pictures of your kids are always so cute! And the scrapbook page is darling! you are gonna have to show me sometime how you do that!!

Caleen said...

I really love your hair.. Also, Congratulations to Tyler.. He is really a wonderful person and I am so happy for your Family.. Morgan is a cutie and I am so glad you are close and have been there for her.. So fun to see you enjoying a craft with Morgan.. I also love the Digital page you did.. Funny!! You are right.. it probably is so much cheaper.. Hope little Peyton is feeling better.. I didn't know she was hurt.. poor little thing.. :)

Kirsten said...

What a neat post...I should do one about what I am thankful are such a talented girl! I love all the Barbie stuff and digital scrapbook things. Your pages are darling and I would frame that smiling picture of the kids if I were you! It's too cute!