Friday, November 20, 2009

November is here! segment 18, 19 and 20

I am thankful that I found my missing cut out doll outfit and pattern! I will make time to sew it tomorrow so Miss P will have a doll outfit to match her own for a Christmas gift!!! I love it.

I am also thankful to be celebrating ten years (wow) with my wonderful husband Tyler. We were married in the Oakland Temple on November 20, 1999. I am so thankful for my temple marriage and how happy I have been having him as my eternal companion and my best friend. I know that all sounds rather corny but it's true.

As for November 20th, I am thankful that Tyler made it home alive and well this morning. He had to work last night, after a whole day of working and no sleep in between. The dog woke me this morning at 4am to an otherwise empty bed. No Tyler yet. He had gone into work at 6pm and should have already been home. I tried his cell phone several times and got no answer. I was sure he was lying dead somewhere, certain of it. On our 10 year anniversary too. I said several prayers and tried not to let my mind wander. I was thinking about Christmas, how to make it as normal as possible for the kids with a recently deceased father. I was thinking about all the bills Ty pays online and how some, most, don't even come in the mail, I don't even know where our life insurance information is. When something tragic happens I go into this mode where I appear very calm and I do everything I can to "handle" the situation. Anyway, after a few hours of trying my best to get more than 3 hours of sleep since we were going to be going on a date for our anniversary if in fact he wasn't dead. I wanted to not be an exhausted zombie tonight! He finally made it home, he called a bit before he made it home and I did fall asleep. The poor man worked 12 hours last night! It will at least be good to get that overtime check for the holidays! So, I am thankful that my husband is alive!!!


The Smith Family said...

Congrats on 10 years! YAY! And you and I must think alike--I've always wondered if I'm the only crazy woman whose mind jumps to conclusions when my husband is late getting home, the whole "what I'd do next" stuff going through my mind. It's funny to hear of your thoughts because mine have been exactly the same sometimes!:) Enjoy your anniversary date night!

Jill said...

You remimd me so much of myself. I have spent many many nights wondering and worrying about the same thing when my sons were small and their Dad was working late. I would do the same thing, play it all out in my mind of what I would do if he never came home again. I'd tell him later that I had his funeral planned but I think he always thought I was kidding. I wasn't. Scary times.

Yasmine said...

Holy Cow, 10 years???? Congrats!

Luna said...

I was just thinking about your Anniversary the other day. What an amazing day! I remember as I was driving back to Fresno after the sealing, a Bald Eagle almost flew straight at my windshield.

I am glad Tyler is alive too. But it really cracked me up reading about your fretting. Probably because I do the same thing.