Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November is here! segment 10

All I did until this afternoon was play games with Ben, exercise, shower and play more games with Ben. That kid is a game maniac, seriously. He's good too, I don't just mean good for a 4 year old either, he's really good. The kid actually bested me at checkers. I've never played it with him before and I was honestly expecting to whip him at it. I was trying too. It was probably the best game of checkers I've ever played, I gave it my all. He was so happy at beating me that immediatly after he asked me if he could call Daddy. I let him gloat. I got on the phone with Ty after Ben gloated for just a minute and Ty told me that last week he taught Ben how to play, they played a game where he was just pretty much learning the rules, and then they played again and Tyler had to actually try to beat him, which he did. I don't think anyone beats Ty at checkers. It's kind of funny to think that Ben is a more challenging opponent than I am. Anyway, I know that's a big explanation of what I'm getting at here, but...

I am thankful that I have kids that are smarter than I am. I'm not saying they know more than I do right now, but they are better at some things already and they know some things that I don't. I am sure by the time they are my age they will know far more than I do now.

I am also very thankful that having 3 boys has really mellowed me out A LOT. What's going on in this picture below would have really bothered me several years ago, now I can almost even handle when the boys jump from arm to arm on the leather couches, almost. If you can't tell, they are tipping Grandma Williams rocking recliner on it's back, I hope she is not turning in her grave, so to speak.
I am not thankful that Sister Dunford left us. Before she left I gave her a Barbie Sister Dunford. When she showed up that morning for my sister's discussion she was wearing a white shirt and black skirt just like her counterpart, minus the black lace. I happened to have some black lace, so before she left I quickly added it. It was very worth the time it took as she was VERY happy to have her very own Sister Missionary Barbie.
However, I am happy to report that although the new sister is no Sister Dunford, I like her. She is from Tonga and this is her first area. 2 months ago she did not speak english and I am amazed at how well she does now. She has definately been blessed with the gift of tongues. They came over last night for another discussion with my sister and it was fun to hear a little about Tonga (they eat dogs there, Sister Tufoe does not though)and how it differs from here. She helped teach part of the discussion and did a beautiful job and had the spirit with her. I am happy to report that my mom knows she is learning about the church and is fine with it. I love my mom so very much and her support means a great deal to me. Mom, if you're reading this, I love you!


Jill said...

I've never heard of a 4 year old who knows how to play checkers, let alone win!
And that Sister Dunford Barbie doll is incredible. She will remember that always. She'll probably keep it forever.

donnam said...

Great Barbie!!!! I love it. You are so talented!

The Millers said...

Love the sister dunford barbie doll!