Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November is here! segment 11

I am thankful for my haircut! No, mostly I just put these in here because a few of you that don't see me often wanted pics. I cut a good foot or so off and it does feel much better.
This obviously, is the front. Jacob took the picture for me because Ben took the first one and it was VERY unflattering :) Jacob is taller and stood on the couch. Pictures taken from below are so not good for me!
This picture was from the other night when Ben was my sleeping buddy until 4am when Tyler got home from work. I am thankful that I have a little buddy and I am thankful for sleeping children. The world (at least my world) is a better place when my kids are well rested.
Lastly, for tonight anyway, I am thankful for my girls. Not just my beehives, but all of the Young Women. I am thankful for mutual and all the fun we have together, and for a husband that arranges for me to be able to go!


Jill said...

Love your hair! Very cute. Love sleeping children too. There was a peace in my soul when all my boys were home and asleep.

Kirsten said...

I LOVE your haircut!! It looks so cute!! I have been thinking about doing it and going short. We'll see if I actually do it or not!

donnam said...

I love the hair cut too. And how wonderful you made me feel when you said you thought about me, I didn't need you, I was having a very lazy day off. But you totally made my day today with your comment on my post. Thanks...I think of you often too. Apparently it is time to get together for lunch!

Reflections Photography said...

You look absolutely beautiful!!! :) LOVE IT!

Caleen said...

I love your haircut.. Makes you look younger.. not that you are old... Love your gratitude lists.. Love reading them..