Monday, November 9, 2009

November is here! segment 9

Tonight I'll keep it simple and say this. I am thankful for the nights Tyler has to work a double shift. He gets paid overtime and I have an evening all to myself to get caught up on all the laundry. Benny is asleep on my bed right now, right where Tyler usually is. Instead of hearing Tyler's snores, I get to hear Ben's! I am thankful our kids have their own beds and are pretty good about sleeping in them but I do enjoy cuddling one of my sleeping children every now and again.

On another note, I was just reading the NieNie Dialogues and her husband made a comment to their daughter that I have to remember and use. He said, "Girls, guess what, the devil just called and he said you guys are doing awesome."

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Kirsten said...

I read that comment too and it made me laugh out loud!!!! I seriously love all your grateful posts and really can tell how much you appreciate in your life. That's awesome! I too kind of secretly treasure when Ammon is on call because once the battle of getting the kids down to bed is over, it is a time for ME to refill my cup, do a craft, watch a TV show, etc. Too bad you don't live closer and we could do a double girls night while the men were on call!