Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just for the record

We'll start with Christmas Eve. The traditional reading of Luke 2 done by my mother in law
While the family plays the parts...Bryan and Helga as Mary and Joseph and Makyla as baby Jesus (each year this part is typically played by the most recent family to have a new baby)

Tyler, No room at the inn.
Micah, Sore afraid.
Wise men and their gifts

All the cousins that were there this year, my kids, Essien and Makyla.
I made all my nephews, my boys, and Ty matching jammie pants. When I bought the kids pattern I laughed that it had a dog shirt with it, and then I ended up making Diego one with the scraps. I thought the boys would like him matching, they did. Santa even brought him a treat in his stocking.
She woke up just in time, before the opening began.
My sister and Nephew spent the night with us so were there Christmas morning.
Jacob got just what he asked for from Santa, a MAN'S wallet.
Santa got Ben a Wally, remote control, like he wanted last year ($80), and was still very happy to get it this year ($35)!
Peyton had fun playing with some of the tools my mom got Ben, Santa brought her a pack in play for her dolls, but her favorite gift was the buggy my mom got her.
Peyton also got many Barbies, Barbie clothes, baby dolls and baby clothes that she loves. She is almost ready for bed here as soon as she reads her baby a story!
Christmas was wonderful this year and we were truely blessed and are really looking forward to another wonderful year!


Melissa said...

I love the costumes for the Christmas story. We always read it too, but we have never acted it out or dressed up. It looks like a lot of fun.

Robin said...

What a fun post !! I love seeing what happens Christmas morning and remembering !!!