Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flag Football

Ben is playing Flag Football right now. His last game is this coming week. It is so much fun to watch him. He really goes after whoever has the ball, he wants that tackle. His favorite part however is throwing and catching the football which they don't do much of. I hope he'll stick with it a few more years so he can get to the "fun" stuff. Not sure I really want any of my kids playing football, but it is fun to watch, but when it's my child out there I'm not sure I'll be able to get past the worry enough to enjoy the game!

Oct. 2nd Tyler was out of town for work, so, once again he missed picture day, sniff, sniff. Micah and Jacob didn't want to play until we got out there the first night and then they felt a bit different. They are looking forward to baseball though, and now that Micah is in 5th grade he can play for the school (yay FREE!).


Krissy said...

I agree.....Its so much fun to watch your own child play football and do well.

Caleen said...

Love all the sweet pictures.. You have some fun boys and fun activities to do with them. Peyton is growing up so fast. So happy she is potty trained :) way to go! Happy Late Birthday.. Can't believe you are 32.. You look only 25.. :) You are a Great "Young" Mother :)