Friday, October 21, 2011

Pinterest...I don't just pin! #4

I'm getting a bit burnt out on blogging pinterest stuff. I'd rather be pinning or making my pins I guess! That being said, this may be my last pinterest pin, maybe not, we'll see.

This was the water marbling technique, I loved it, it also actually lasted longer than when I polish my nails the usual way! I watched a how to video which helped a ton. It is a pretty easy way to get a very cool look. Below was my first attempt, I learned a lot. The more polish you drop in, the closer your lines are and the darker they are. Notice my middle finger that looks a bit like candy corn? That one didn't have as much polish dropped in.
This is after I removed the tape and most of the polish from my skin.
My right hand, the ring finger was less polish and I swirled it around a bit more than the others.

Deep fried battered chicken, I think it was called sesame ginger chicken. I had to change the sauce recipe quite a bit to make use of what I actually had. It turned into a grapefruit ginger chicken. It was actually really good. It was hard to keep my oil at the right temp. I got it way to hot at one point and smoked up the whole house. Next time I may borrow a deep fryer, that would make things much easier.
Loved this one, we have very few Halloween decorations so this was great. We ran out of trash bags so I sent Micah to a neighbor where he got 2 black trash bags. We cut them into strips all the way to within 1 inch from the bottom of the bag, then cut the side open and along the bottom of the bag. Then we stretched each strip, if it tore, we tied the back on. I taped the bottom of the bag behind the front overhang on our porch. Viola! Witch curtains. They look so cool when they sway in the breeze.


Scrapally said...

I think it's very fun to see the new things you are trying! I have only done a couple of my pins so far...but plans for many more! Maybe I will just take a picture of each one and blog once. we'll see. I'm not that Keep pinning and creating! You are my inpsiration!

Luna said...

Which polish did you use.... because I tried to do that. I failed!
LOVE the black bags. I might try that!

kelly said...

Any polish should work, just drop it in close to the water so it doesn't sink and make sure your water isn't too cod or too warm. The water needs to be room temp or the polish will dry too quickly.

donnam said...

Way too cool!!! I am almost ready to have another pinning afternoon with you. I have been working on bibs and getting Katy ready for Minnesota. I am hoping we can get together next week!

Caleen said...

That is so fun! You crack me up.. I am so proud of you. You are quite a gal. So loved your sweet family all dressed up for Halloween. You looked great. So happy we are able to work together in church. Love ya!