Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Violin Lessons

Micah has been asking for violin lessons for a while now but with him already in piano we didn't want to spend the additional money and we didn't want to take him out of piano. My mom pulled through for us and for Micah's birthday gift she got him a violin book, lent him one of her violins AND is giving him lessons! She used to teach violin years ago and has been wanting to start playing again, so it works out for everyone!!! They had their first lesson together today and it was fun to see my mom in action, Micah has a great teacher.

Here Micah is playing pizzicato (finger picking). This is one of the first skills before he goes on to bowing.
My mom tuning her violin, next week we'll move them to the music room (aka sewing room) with chairs and music stands.
Micah and Nana Paula after his first lesson.
Thank you mom!!!


Leanne said...

Your mom is so awesome! Love her!

Scrapally said...

I am highly in favor of violin players! (cello too!). That is wonderful of you mom and way to feed his enthusiasm while he has it! Way to go!

Luna said...

That is really neat! What a nice thing for them to have together!