Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Birthday Girl

Wow, my baby is 4! She just started Primary, sunbeams, finally. The other day she fell and hit her head and immediately said, "It's ok, I'm ok, I'm in Primary now." That comes up a lot lately, "I'm in Primary." She is a big girl now. She loves to help me, especially in the kitchen. She loves Pink and Purple, Barbies and baby dolls. She REALLY doesn't like her hair done. She loves to have jammie days, most every day lately. She has her bath and everything and then goes right into another pair of jammies. She loves to watch Scooby Doo, have stories read to her at night, mommy to sing to her and then mommy to lay with her.

Here she is helping to knead our favorite, homemade naan (Indian Flatbread)
Here she is in her new dress from Nana Paula on her very first day of Primary.


Grandma Honey said...

"It's okay. I'm okay. I'm in Primary now." Is that not cute or what!? :)

Caleen said...

She is growing so fast. What a beauty! Enjoy your time with her and all your sweet boys. It will be so worth it! xo