Friday, March 28, 2014


I was slightly shocked and dismayed to see how long it's been since I've posted.  I suppose that Instagram has become my new outlet.  It's so quick and easy to post things on there and I don't have to get my pictures loaded onto the computer to do it.  Anyway.  I got on blogger to add a few things to my other blog, the kids say the funniest things blog.  I found them while I was cleaning out a drawer.  I really want to print that blog out into a book.  Does anyone still read my blog?  Know of a good and relatively inexpensive way to print blogs?  Advice is appreciated!


Scrapally said...

I read your blog when you post something to read! lol. I've missed your posts! I print mine at the end of the year at blog2print. It's almost 300 pages long and was about 80 bucks with the coupon (that I get in my email). Susan does hers every year too. I think hers are bigger and she does hardbound so hers are probably more. But you can ask her. Miss you!!!

Becca said...

I read yours even though I hardly update ours anymore:) I've been looking into printing our blog into a book too. I'm leaning on doing with blog2print as well. Let me know what you learn! Love you Kelly!

Anita Romanenko said...

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