Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Micah, my son the composer

I went to sit down at the computer a few minutes ago which is right by the piano and I looked over to see this piece of paper with some notes written on it. I called Tyler to ask if he knew anything about it. I thought that maybe it was one of Micah's piano assignments, one I must not have heard about. He has had a total of about 5 lessons. Tyler said that early this morning he asked for a blank piece of paper from the printer because he wanted to write down a song that he made up. How cute is that?! So, please don't steal this song, but I'm posting it because I was so impressed with it. He is learning the notes right now and says them as he plays along with the finger numbers. The song he wrote has the finger numbers written in.

*I just showed Micah this blog and he was a little unhappy because he said he made a mistake on it. I told him he could fix it and I would post the corrected version, so, if you don't see a second version, please check back for the revised song!


jennifer said...

I am totally impressed! He got all his note stems pointing in the right direction and everything. There is so much detail on that one page - fingering, right hand, notes going up and down just as they would in a piece of his music, and the double bar line at the end. Wow! Good job Micah!

Helga said...

Micah is going to be the next bauch... lol is that how you spell it? lol all well! He's going to be famous!! Your amazing Micah!!
Thanks for sharing Kelly! xoxo

ps we just made a blog it's

Pollock Family said...

That is so cute! I remember doing the same thing as a kid and totally thinking I was writing music.

Becca said...

Cute!! I love it!!! You did a great job Micah!!

The Gage Cage said...

I bet that sounds beautiful when it is played! What a little Mozart!