Wednesday, January 21, 2009


On the last day of the year we headed to the beach. Avila is one of our favorite beaches, it is not crowded and there is an awesome park, those are just 2 of the reasons we love Avila. The weather was 80+ degrees and the sun was shining, what more could you ask for? Peyton loved the sand, we thought once she put it in her mouth she wouldn't do it again, we were wrong. She also loved the seagulls, we threw a bunch of graham crackers all around her so they came really close and surrounded her and she was in heaven. Ben loved the water, like always. He was the only one that went all the way in, surprise surprise (said with a sarcastic tone). The cousins had so much fun running in the water and building the sand castle.

Sophie, Ben, Jake, Micah and Brayden all got buried, and loved it.
I love my sisters! Becca, Helga and me, can you believe she is going to have a baby in April?! She is my newest sister -in -law and she is beautiful and sweet and...just one of those people that everyone loves. That could describe Becca too though! I love these girls!!!
This kid is just always so cute and sweet, he looks like a beach bum here in his shorts and Tony Hawk sweatshirt.

My sweet little sand eater, I took this picture while she was in my arms and didn't intentionally mean to get Benji in the background, I think this picture turned out pretty cool, I am so not a great photographer, but I like this one.

I'm trying to get more pictures with me in them, here is my wonderful husband and I.

This Mom sure loves her boys!

My 3 sons, after Ben went all the way in, he is pretty cold here!

Stairstep cousins, these kids got along so well this trip and had so much fun together.

Our family picture, heehee. This is now framed in our bathroom with many other beach trip pictures.

The Laing Family castle compound

These were literally just a few select pictures from our beach trip. It was so much fun and we went a little camera crazy. Hopefully Becca and Helga will post more pics of their families on their blogs, hint hint girls, I'll be checking!


Robin said...

What fun pictures !! My favorite beach in CA is Cambria !! Your children are so cute !!

Kirsten said...

That looked like such a fun trip!!!! I don't think my kids know what a beach is! ;-) You got some neat pictures and it sounds like you had such a fun day! I love the feet picture! What a cute idea!

Becca said...

Ok, I'm on it....I love your post...Now I just have to do mine. Love ya Kelly!!

jennifer said...

what a fun trip! we also love avila beach. have you ever stopped at the fruit stand there just off the freeway? it has fresh baked goods, homemade ice cream and a small animal farm out back. they'll even give you free food to feed the animals. we love that place too!

how fun to be there with all your family. the cousin picture and the feet picture are my favorite. too cute.

Janelle Ehat said...

so so much fun! I love the picture of all of the kids! How fun is that! The Laing family is getting so big!! I'm glad you guys had a good time! The beach is always a blast!

Krissy said...

It looks like you all had such a great time. I miss the ocean. I haven't seen it in 10 years! (that's how long I've been out of California).

Pollock Family said...

How fun! I love the cousins all together pic. And I can't believe you've got Peyton strapped to you! I would die, so I hope she's way lighter than Grayson:)

Yasmine said...

I LOVE the feet picture. Helga does NOT look pregnant!