Monday, March 23, 2009

Moonlight Sonata

March 5
Tyler says he doesn't play the piano, well, that's partly true. He needs time to go over songs, he doesn't play well enough to hold a calling as a pianist or anything, but he brings music to our home, beautiful music. One of my favorites that he plays is Moonlight Sonata. He is Mr. Shy and Humble, so in order to get this video, I had to sneak.



Lori said...

Sounds good I think he should have a calling as a pianist and then he would have to practice, and he would get really good! If you can play the moonlight Sonata, you can learn to play any primary song!!

Becca said...

I'm Impressed!! All these years and I never knew... way to go Ty. Cute job sneaking up on him Kelly. We love you guys!!

Jill said...

That was beautiful. And what was equally so, were the voices of your children in the background. Made me miss when my sons were all little and home making noise. I think I could hear little Peyton too!

Luna said...

So nice. I think he could have a calling, it just depends if they can give him up somewhere else