Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thanks Babe!

My mind has really been elsewhere lately. I have had no desire to blog, or check others blogs, but I have, a little. I have been sewing like a madwoman trying to get Christmas presents made. This year we're going inexpensive and thoughtful, which could also translate to time consuming. I used to say that I hated sewing, and I'm sure my hatred for it will still come and go. My very dear friend Yolawnda got me back into it, I made a little dress for P, and it was fun, I actually enjoyed it, and now I can't stop, my latest endeavor is Barbie clothes.
Anyway, I did want to post this picture, it's Tyler's side of the bed. If you remember in a previous post it looked a lot different. I wish I would have moved his church backpack, but that's all that is there now! I asked him where it all went, he said he threw most of it away and the rest got put away. Wow! Thanks! Now I'm wondering what I should post next, the weeds in our backyard, or maybe our garage...Now I need to clean up my side of the bed, and all my growing craft piles (grandma has been donating fabric to support my sewing addiction).


Christi Williams said...

Hi Kelly,
I am glad you found my blog. We will post info and soon as things have been put into place and I will email you. Thank you. I will be there, I hope to meet you.


Robin said...

I love to sew and don't do it because my house is not in order yet !! My excuse !!! Post a pic of the dress !! Are you coming to the enrichment night at my house this week for the childrens aprons ? at 6:30 on Thursday !!