Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thanks Aunt Jan!

Well, I'm still here and life is still happening, I am just not doing very good getting it all recorded! I am finding it harder and harder to get on the computer.
Anyway, I have been doing a Healthy Living Challenge with some other women at church and working really, REALLY hard on losing weight. It IS coming off, but very, very slowly. I have had a problem with my seratonin levels (I don't produce enough) for about the last year or so, which means I have episodes of severe vertigo from time to time, sometimes a few times a week, sometimes none for a few weeks. Anyway, I just found out a few days ago that this could also be affecting my weight loss, or lack of! I will not give up though, I just wish my body would work right.

So, Peyton had her 2nd birthday last month and Aunt Jan sent her the cutes sweater and hat set. Here are some pictures of her in it. She also got a package of 3 little puppies. That was her favorite, she plays with them in the doll house and the Barbie house.

She does her own make up now too.

She loves Nana Paula.

Thank you Aunt Jan, we love you and miss you and hope to see you soon. I hope you aren't feeling too down with the weather in Connecticut!


Luna said...

I hope you can get things going right with your health and weight loss. How is your team doing in the healthy living?

Jill said...

I never knew that serotonin levels can effect vertigo. Interesting. So maybe that could explain why it comes on what seems out of no where.

Oh so Peyton does her own make up now, huh? :)))