Monday, February 15, 2010

Most things are better PINK!

Truth be told, I'm not a very big pancake fan. It's usually quite easy to turn down most pancakes, but I have to admit, these looked pretty good. It must have been the pink color. I love pink. Tyler is pretty much always the one to make pancakes for the kids because I don't care for them much. I was feeling the Valentine love in the air and I decided to wake up a little earlier and surprise the kids with some pink heart pancakes before school on Friday.

Miss P just couldn't wait and had hers minus the syrup.
This is what really drew me in, those sprinkles made them so pretty!
Jacob was very happy about the heartcakes.
I guess Micah was too.
This is Benny awhile later, he decided that a little extra sleep was better than heartcakes.
Maybe next month I can do green clovercakes for our annual green St. Patrick's Day breakfast!


Robin said...

How cool is that !!! I had heart shaped biscuits and pink saugage gravy !!! Stef brought it to me !!!!! They were awesome, I am so bad, playing the my daughters on a mission card !! hehehe But I loved them !!!

Jill said...

Very good lookin' kids! Peyton is a beauty, but her brothers are very cute too. What fun memories they will have of pink pancakes before school!

Janelle Ehat said...

I love it! I've done pink heart pancakes the last several years on Valentines day and the kids LOVE it! I'm glad our church moved to 11am this year so that I could still make them this Valentines Day. Making pink heart pancakes, getting myself AND 5 kids ready for church by 9am NEVER would have happened! Yours turned out super cute!

Luna said...

LOVE them. Chris is the pancake maker in our house too because I am not a huge fan either. But I do have to admit pink sprinkle heartcakes look good!

Fisher Family said...

Your kids are darling! I can't get over how big they have gotten this past year!