Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meet Porter Rockwell

My sister's boyfriend caught us a snake. He's a king snake, a very pretty one, black with yellow bands. We've had him for 3 weeks and 2 days. He spent his 2nd week with us loose in our house. I was at a friend's house and got home very late, was up with Ben and up with Peyton, and finally in bed at 2am when I heard a noise. I was so tired, I needed to get to sleep. I knew our cat Carmen was in the house, I had let her in when I let the dog out at 1:30am. I thought the noise was from Carmen knocking something over on the hall counter, well, it was a noise from Carmen. At 5am, after 3 hours of sleep I woke up to Jacob bawling. Porter is gone, the corner of his tank is broken. Sure enough, Porter was gone. The cat cannot stay away from his tank. Apparently she sat on top of it and caved the screen in on one corner. I should have gotten up. We looked for a little while but it was 5am. I couldn't go back to sleep. We said prayers, many prayers. Jacob was ready to get rid of the cat, he was thinking she ate Porter.
Peyton adores Porter and holds him for a very long time, often. Peyton said, "I know where Porter is!" We say, "Where?" Peyton says, "He's lost!" Thanks Peyton.

Well, after many prayers, much faith, 7 days, and an obedient child, Porter is now safetly back in his tank. While I was visiting with my grandmother in the hospital after finding out she was taken off life support, Tyler was telling Micah to get his pajamas on and Micah listened right away and on his way to his room he saw Porter go into my room under our chair and he yelled for Tyler, Tyler lifted the chair up and retrieved Porter!

We are so happy to have him back! He is getting bigger and ready to shed soon. He is a good eater and is having no problem adjusting to his new diet of no longer living mice.


Krissy said...

you're a good mom. I'd be freaking out if there was a snake loose in our house.

Kirsten said...! This is why you are the mom of more boys than me!!!!! You rock! I think the pest control would have had to come if there was a snack loose in our house. Good for you! What a neat snake name too!

Luna said...

You have a FULL house! A husband, 4 kids, a dog, a cat, and a snake!

Jill said...

More than being happy to have him back, I would be thrilled to just know WHERE he was. I would have stayed in a hotel until Porter was found!

Kiersten said...

When my brothers had a snake I slept in my parents room every night until they had to let it go. You are a brave woman!!!