Sunday, May 15, 2011

Out of the Bag

So, the last time I changed our vacuum bag I cut the old one open and found tons of legos and a pair of Polly Pocket shoes. I vowed I would not cut the vacuum bag open again. The boys would be more thorough when cleaning up their legos and I would be more careful with the vacuum. Well, I just couldn't help it and I did the unthinkable again, I cut the bag open. There were many more legos in there than I thought I had sucked up, and the missing green Barbie shoe was in there, sadly, my nephew Essien's dog found one last week and chewed it up really good. I also found a bunch of my scrapbooking brads and eyelets that my nephew Dustin dumps out daily.
The boys were happy about their lego knifes.

Do you empty and sift through your vacuumings?


Scrapally said...

um. no. I don't. But if I had valuables like that being sucked up, I might. lol.

Melissa said...

That's totally made me laugh. I've never opened up a vacuum bag. I probably am missing all sorts of good stuff, but I figure "out of sight, out of mind." :)

Kelly said...

NO YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!