Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My sister got married!

Saturday was a very special day for my family. My little sister Lindsay finally got married after a YEAR long engagement! It was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect. Lindsay and Steve Rowe were married out at the Sportsman's Club at 5pm in a wonderfully brief but sweet ceremony.
I was asked just a few days before the wedding to fill in for one of the bridesmaids. I was honored to do it and happy to find that the dress fit perfectly. It was strapless but I was allowed to wear a little white sweater that fixed that problem. The wedding party was to be there at 3pm for pictures so naturally Peyton and Dustin, mine and Morgan's sidekicks, came too. The kids were angels.

Peyton was not in the wedding party but I put her in her little dress that I made her over a year ago and she was adorable in Lindsay's wedding lavender.

Lindsay was beautiful and happy!

Now my mom's stress can come to an end, until she finds something else to fret over!

My sister Ami was here from Texas, along with her daughter Aubri (6) who is taller than Jacob (8)! The kids LOVED her, and she LOVED Micah! She plans on marrying him, don't worry, Ami is my step sister and therefore not blood related.

The kids toasted with their lemonade about 10 times. They were so cute and had so much fun. They all danced until it was time to go. When Peyton woke up early the next morning the first thing out of her mouth was..."When can we dance at Aunt Lindsay's wedding again?"

My cousins and Aunt and Uncle and my cousin's daughter Cassie (below) were all here from Southern Cal.

Morgan was another of the bridesmaids (she had 6 bridesmaids total!).

I got the honor of decorating their escape vehicle! Giana, her maid of honor completed it by tying on a few cans.


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Scrapally said...

fun, cute, pretty, everything! I want to see more wedding pictures...Lindsay was such a fun friend of my daughter Amanda...who knew I would one day be good friends with her sister! :)