Monday, July 11, 2011


Here I am documenting week one of summer vacation and we're practically half way through already. Isn't that how it always goes? Well, day one found me dropping the little ones off at Aunt Mo's and taking the big boys to day camp. We pulled into the Rodeo Grounds about 3 minutes early, well, one week and 3 minutes early! There were no cars, just a single plastic bag blowing across the deserted lot. So, on day one we headed back over to Aunt Mo's and enjoyed the pool.
Day 2
Hanging out at the water park with friends. After waiting forever to get our pass pictures taken we got to enjoy the water park with the Olsen's.
The kids and I have been enjoying the library, like always, and having some reading time out of the heat.

Ben has been working on his reading and his math facts gearing up for first grade.
Every morning (almost) the boys have an extra summer chore, weeding. As I type this from our backyard swing I can see that maybe daddy needs to help on this chore a bit.

I think Jacob picked the right section, he has hardly any weeds in his.
I have my own set of summer chores as well. You know all those areas that just rarely get cleaned, on top of cabinets and armoirs, fake plants and plant shelves, top of fridge, light fixtures? That's my summer duty. In this pic below you can see the contrast where I started to clean. So, for those of you always talking about how clean my house always is, it wasn't, but it will be, as long as this phase can last!
Day 4 takes us back to the water park, this was a special day because Peyton has finally decided to venture away from the small purple octopus slide and go on ALL of the kiddie slides. Yippee!
Peyton also thinks she is a swimmer. She is starting to swim and I'm sure by the end of the summer she will be doing quite well.
She likes to jump in too, and where the water is deep she just kind of happily does swimming motions under the water after her jump. Silly girl, reminds me a bit of Ben. He was sneaky though. Ben would wait until he thought no one was watching him and then he'd jump in.
These are just SOME of the things I found up on the tops of the kitchen cabinets and plant shelf in the kitchen.
Lots and lots of dust. Maybe allergies will improve now that all that dust is gone.
This is a picture after I cleaned that area. It was so gross, I had to really scrub the knick knacks I'm glad I don't cook with more oil than I do! Light fixtures in the kitchen are next...
I discovered our plant shelves are strong enough to hold my weight and the weight of my Kirby vacuum. Good to know. Also, for the first time ever I took all of the fake plants and out fake tree out in the backyard and sprayed them with the hose, it was SO much easier than wiping them leaf by leaf!
More summer to come!


Scrapally said...

You are one busy gal! Looks like there's lots of fun in with lots of work. I like the reading time...what books do your kids like to read? When you are done deep cleaning high up at your house, you wanna come do mine????

Luna said...

Sounds like you guys are staying busy! I wish I had the motivation to clean anywhere..... much less high up!

Caleen said...

Looks like you are having a fun summer. So good to put those cute boys to work. Weeding! Ugh! I see you have been working hard too. I got to the dust too.. What a job. I am glad no one is tall enough around here to see the layer of dust.. So good you have reading time. I did that when my kids were younger. I still should do it now. I think I am just burnt out. LOL! Happy Summer to all!